The Internet: A Vault of Information

The internet is everywhere, almost everything can connect to it and almost everyone uses it. Ever since it’s creation the world continues and continues to grow in it’s use with even our kitchen appliances using it! 

With the vast amount of information zipping throughout the world, You can almost look up anything and you will easily be able to find an answer. Looking for that perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe? The internet has it. Mom works evenings and you need help with your math homework? The internet has got your back. News, we got it. Right in your pocket you have an enormous vault key to vast amounts of information.

Internet safety

With the internet being so large, not all of it can be trusted. With everyone being able to write, post, and video, you can’t trust every Joe Dick and Nancy posting information, unless it is from a reputable source. 

Information can be twisted, to aid you, and hurt you. With most of the world being on the web, there are many people who go out of their way to get your personal information and get into your systems to steal your credit, name, and bank accounts. Being able to recognize what is safe and not is an extremely important thing to do.


With the internet at your hands learning is extremely easy, with entire schools being online. You don’t even have to leave your house to get the education you need, online schools are there… With the internet everyone can learn, even if you can’t go to school in person, you can google it and learn quickly and easily with the internet.

The vault of information we call the internet is always there and will be used as far as long as there are people to use it. We only have to harness it to our advantage and be able to change.

The information we have and get everyday will be added to the vault and forever be stored. Waiting to be opened, with its riches for all to see.