4 Things to Learn from the Wikipedia DDoS Attack

Year after year, those who pay attention to the cybersecurity industry read a steady stream of headlines about distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The September 2019 attack on Wikipedia web sites is a good example of that fact. Basically, the exploit used a familiar method, a volumetric attack, which overwhelmed website operations in multiple Continue Reading


Mobile applications are quickly taking over and running almost all aspects of people’s lives. Smartphones have helped business owners make drastic advancements in their businesses. From the ability to conduct basic monetary transactions to virtually running the business, mobile applications have transformed the way businesses are being conducted. There are several mobile applications that apply Continue Reading

Is Serverless Really Serverless?

Serverless computing is often touted as being an architecture that scales automatically, is less expensive to run, and offers developers a nice abstraction from the underlying infrastructure. AWS Lambda is an example of a serverless service that provides developers a mechanism to execute code without worrying about servers — or does it? Let’s assume we Continue Reading