Hello, this is the Open Flash Chart project.

Note: “Open Flash Chart 2” is LGPL.

OK, Open Flash Chart 1.x was great and it works like a dream. But I made some little mistakes which over time grew and anyoyed me and made the source code weird. So I decided it was time to re-jigger the code and make it pretty again. The big change is moving the data format to JSON. This has made a big difference and has allowed some pretty cool new features.

While I was hacking away at the source code I moved it all to Actionscript 3, and used Adobe Flex to compile it. This means everything is open source. If you want to make changes to the charts all you need is laid out in these instructions.

Just because there is a new version doesn’t make V 1.x obsolete. You can use both versions at the same time so leave your current working code in V 1.x and make all the new charts using which ever version you find easier to use.

Why is V2 better? Well it uses JSON as the file format and this means you can do cool stuff like Grant Slender has: http://code.google.com/p/ofcgwt/

If you like Open Flash Chart and want to see it continue, please help

  • Donate some money 🙂
  • Blog about it (promotion takes up about a third of my time)
  • Write a cool library

Really. You can make a massive difference to the project!

Why choose Open Flash Chart?

This is a little gentle propaganda for the project. Like all opinions, disregard it and make up your own mind.

Edge cases such as

  • tooltips encourage user interactivity and data exploration
  • what happens to the tooltip when two points are in the same position?
  • you can re-size the charts
  • missing data
  • save the chart as an image
  • You can highlight or emphasize one (or many) points

PC Pro loves open flash chart.

Server Side Helper Libraries

PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, .NET, Google Web Toolkit and JAVA. Libraries.

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