Creative Ways to Keep Tech Geeks Busy During Lockdown

Creative Ways to Keep Tech Geeks Busy During Lockdown

For the more relaxed individual, there are books and services like Netflix to keep you busy during this challenging time the world is facing. However, the more technically inclined minds require more stimulation because they get bored quickly.

So how can you make sure the tech-savvy don’t turn crazy during this time of staying locked indoors? Here are some helpful ideas to keep those intelligent minds occupied.

Check Your Backups

Often, work files are backed up. Personal data and documents stored on home PCs, however,  is quite often muddled up with a promise to sort them when you have time. Use this extra time to clean up your PC and arrange files neatly in folders.

There are a lot of free sites that allow you to store photos and documents safely in the cloud for free. Some limits apply, regarding how much information you can save at no cost. However, one of the great things about services like Microsoft’s OneDrive is that you can access your photos and documents from any device.

Organize Your Photos

Family pictures usually get downloaded to your personal computer and left to be sorted out when you have free time. There isn’t a better time than now to sort through pictures and save them into dated folders so you can locate them later on.

Design a Game

If you’re a lover of everything high-tech, gaming might be high up on your favorites list. Take it up a notch. Instead of playing a computer game, why not design your own game, say Construct.

There are companies that offer a fun, innovative platform with 3D game making software to develop a game borne from your imagination.

Brush up on Your Programming Skills

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There are a plethora of sites offering online tuition and courses in an array of computer languages and skills. If you already have programming skills, why not add a new one to the list or brush up on the ones you don’t make use of regularly.

Draw up a timetable for each day and devote a certain amount of time to online learning. Knowledge is power, and you’ll always be glad you took the time to up-skill yourself.

Clean up Your Inbox

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Private emails that need attention usually get taken care of solely because we need to tend to them. Less important mails generally sit in your inbox for weeks or months at a time. Every time you open your inbox, the number of unread email increases, and at times it can become overwhelming.

Set aside half an hour each day and commit to getting through a certain amount of private emails until you clear your inbox altogether.


While you might not be in the mood to always take care of the things you keep putting off, you’ll be thankful you did when it’s all done. The days can be long and frustrating, but you’ll feel good if you get some valuable time in between the quiet time.