Latest Tech in VW Vans

Cruise Control with Adaptive Settings

Adaptive Cruise Control, which is available as an option, helps you avoid collisions by putting your car at a respectable distance from oncoming traffic. On a lengthy ride, it ensures you can drive easily and safely. This system combines the sensor-controlled Front Assist area monitoring system with the City Emergency Braking system to create this technology. It can detect oncoming traffic and change your speed to keep a consistent distance between you and the car in front of you. If you get too close, auditory and visual signals will be shown, and emergency brakes will be activated if necessary.

Driver Alert

Overtired drivers are responsible for up to 25% of all highway accidents, therefore taking a rest on long and exhausting drives is essential. Our Driver Alert technology warns you when you need to take a short break and makes highway driving safer. It works by closely observing driver behavior, recording wheel motions, and lane deviations in order to determine when you are beginning to feel tired. If the system detects that you are losing focus, a warning sound will be played on the dashboard visual display.

Assistive Braking

Our Brake Assist technology is meant to assist you in braking in an emergency or panic scenario. Although it operates so quietly that you won’t even realize it, this safety feature may significantly reduce your vehicle’s stopping distance. When the system recognizes that full braking force is required, it automatically increases the brake pressure to the ABS threshold and keeps doing so as long as the brake pedal is down. When you let off of the brake pedal, the system adjusts the braking pressure to match the location of the brake pedal.

Emergency Braking in the City

When driving throughout town, there are more risks to be aware of. The Urban Emergency Braking system is a cutting-edge invention that ensures drivers avoid crashes in these situations, considerably enhancing their safety and assured that they’ll get to their destination unharmed, particularly for those who work in several city sites. This system monitors distances, warns of dangerous circumstances, and will automatically break is the driver would be in an imminent accident under 18mph.  When another vehicle approaches, the brakes are primed so they may be applied more rapidly. If the vehicle gets too close, the technology instantly brakes and brings the car to a complete stop. This can help to lessen the damage done, or possibly prevent an accident altogether.

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