Top 15 Frequently Asked Questions About Car Brand Safety

When shopping for a new vehicle, quality safety features probably top your list of important things you’re looking for in a car. With so many makes and models to choose from, it can be quite confusing and overwhelming.

You want the safest car possible, but you also want to drive a vehicle that looks good, needs little maintenance, and is a value for your dollar. So, ask these 15 questions before buying a new car.

1. What Vehicle Style is the Safest in a Crash?

Not surprisingly, the midsize SUV takes the lead when it comes to the safest style of vehicle. The larger size and heavier frame can absorb impact better than most smaller vehicles on the road. 

2. Are Bigger Cars Safer?

Yes, larger vehicles are safer because they are less likely to take on major damage when involved in a crash with a smaller vehicle.

3. What Vehicles Get Into the Most Crashes?

Even though Subarus are known as safer cars, they top the list of what vehicles get into the most accidents. 

4. What is the Safest Family Car?

If you have a family and drive a mid-sized sedan, then you’re driving the safest type of family vehicle.

5. What Brand of Car is the Safest to Drive?

Volvos, Genesis, and Audis top the list of safest car brands. These manufacturers have the best and most cutting edge safety features.

6. What Color Car is Involved in the Most Accidents?

Probably because they’re the hardest to see, black cars are involved in the most accidents.

7.  What are Some Features that Lower Your Insurance?

Features such as anti-theft devices, airbags, traction control, collision monitoring and blind spot alert, and devices that monitor the amount of driving you do can all save money on your insurance premiums.

8. What is Adaptive Cruise Control?

This is a system of sensors and radar cameras that monitor and adjust your speed and distance to other vehicles in traffic to maintain safety.

9. What is the 5-Star Safety Rating Program?

This is a rating system created by the National Highway Safety Administration’s New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) to provide buyers with crash and rollover safety information. One star is a low rating and 5 is the highest.

10.  How Can I Compare Vehicles from Different Classes?

Side crash rating and rollover ratings can be compared across all classes, however you can only compare front crash ratings between vehicles in the same weight class.

11. If a Manufacturer Defect is the Cause of My Accident, Who is Responsible?

The product liability law states that if a defect or flaw results in an accident, the manufacturer or retailers could be responsible. If you’ve been in a crash as a result of a defect, contact a bay area car injury attorney to find out about your consumer rights. 

12. What Car Parts Can Cause an Accident?

Defects, malfunctions, or improper care of tires, airbags, brakes, steering wheels, and electrical system failures can all cause accidents. Be sure to have regular inspections and maintenance on your vehicle, regardless of its age.

13. What Vehicle is Involved in the Most Fatal Accidents?

The vehicle with the most fatal crashes in the United States is the Ford F-Series with nearly 11,000 fatalities each year. 

14. What is the Safest Small Car? 

The safest small cars for 2022 are the Honda Civic Hatchback Sedan, the Honda Insight, the Mazda 3 Hatchback, and the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid.

15. What Car Has the Best Safety Features in 2022?

Tesla markets their Model 3 as the safest car in the world. It’s a top safety pick for overall crashworthiness and rates superior on all its crash avoidance and mitigation system, earning it 5 stars in all safety categories.