Is a Career in Gaming Right for You?

Years ago, you could only have a career in gaming as something like a designer or promoter, or if you were incredibly talented and able to earn a living by winning competitions and prize money. Nowadays, however, even hobby gamers can make money with advertising on a YouTube channel, sponsored posts and affiliate content on blogs and social media, paid reviews and walkthroughs, and live streaming. There are many more options when it comes to making money from gaming, and many gamers are tempted to try. But, while anyone can use gaming as a side hustle to make a little extra money, a career in gaming isn’t for everyone. If you are tempted to have a go, here are some questions that you should ask yourself.

Will You Love It When It’s Work?

Most of us think that making money from our hobbies is a dream come true. But the reality can be different. When our hobbies become jobs, we have to work at them, we have to improve, we have to do the same things every day, and we don’t always get to practice them in a way that we would like. Soon, our hobbies can become stressful and demanding, they are no longer a way to unwind and take a break from the pressures of work, but because they’ve always been our escapism, we don’t have anything else to take their place. It can be tough. Ask yourself if you’d still love gaming if it became a job, with all of the pressures and demands of work.

Do You Have What You Need?

Depending on the type of gaming career you choose, you might not need much. You can typically get started with a console and something like a Ryzen 7 Gaming Computer. And make sure you make use of a recycling it equipment service.You may also need headphones, a keyboard, a gaming chair, and a workspace. Other things you might need could include a website, social media and YouTube channels, a live streaming account, and a name, which could become a brand.

Are You Prepared for the Non-Game Time?

It’s important to understand that when gaming is your job, you’ll spend a lot of time on elements that aren’t actually gaming. They’ll be communications, writing, networking, accounting, promotion, and other things that you may not enjoy. Are you prepared for this?

Are You Committed to Your Health and Fitness?

Let’s face it, most gamers have spent the occasional day and night in front of their screens eating junk food, not drinking enough, and generally not getting enough fresh air or exercise. Once in a while, this isn’t going to hurt us. But if gaming became your career, you could quite easily fall into a pattern of never exercising, rarely getting out, and eating quick easy meals. Gamers can quite easily become unhealthy and unfit.

If you want to be a professional gamer, in any sense, you must be committed to getting out, exercising, eating well, and generally looking after yourself.

Making money from gaming is certainly a possibility, and there are many different ways to do it. But it might not be as easy, or as fun, as you’d imagine, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into first.