Can Tech Tools Help Increase Diversity

Companies that respect diversity have more innovative teams and are more market competitive. The apps mentioned below may help you create a more diverse workplace.


Many job advertisements feature unintentional gender discrimination due to the phrasing employed. Textio can help you discover and eliminate bias from the start.

Textio will analyze and score every job description you submit, emphasizing crucial phrases that are likely to affect the gender balance of your job candidates.

The application will also propose gender-neutral alternatives and compare the tone of your paper to that of the rest of your company.

If some of your job postings aren’t receiving much attention, the software may help you find phrases that would appeal to a larger pool of candidates.

All of your recruitment documentation may be uploaded to Textio’s central library, allowing your whole team to view the content. The more recruiting materials you create and submit to the database, the more the algorithm learns your voice patterns.


Toggl is a corporation that rents out items. 

With Toggl Hire, you can stop searching through hundreds of applications and start focusing on the traits that count. The software’s competency evaluations are used to do this. After signing up with Toggl Hire, you may create your own abilities test in minutes.

You choose the skills you want in a job candidate and then publish the test on job boards and social media. Then, rather than reviewing their resumes, you assess potential candidates based on their skill sets. Gender, age, or education are never taken into account, which aids in the elimination of bias from the start.


Entelo is a full-service recruiting tool that uses predictive analytics to help you locate the best candidate for the job. You’ll obtain specific information about each worker, such as their likelihood of changing employment and their estimated market value.

Entelo also assists you in locating applicants who are members of underrepresented groups or who have contributed to the promotion of workplace diversity. The analytics in the program will also provide you with additional information about your diversity recruitment practices.

Entelo might be a good match for companies who wish to be more responsible in their recruitment strategies. The software, however, will not aid you in advertising positions or conducting interviews.


Blendoor makes it easier to locate, evaluate, and hire outstanding people without bias. The company does this in a variety of ways, one of which is via its applicant database.

Many organizations lack variation in their recruitment operations because they rely on the same sources for employment opportunities. Blendoor will provide you access to their big database of qualified candidates.

The business also uses AI to go through millions of resumes to identify who will be the best fit for the job you’re looking to fill. According to diversity experts and social scientists, Blendoor has doubled the number of women employed and increased the employment of underrepresented minorities six times over.

Final Thoughts on Technological Solutions to Increase Diversity

While software and programs may clearly aid in the creation and maintenance of a diverse workforce, they are not without flaws. Care must be taken to ensure that the algorithm, software, or platform does not ‘bend over backward’ in terms of diversity. A healthy mix of varied job abilities does not imply an equal mix of diverse people, places, and things.

So, whichever software you select, (Diversio is a great one to start with) make sure it can meet not just federal and state regulations, but also the demands of your team. A business culture of inclusiveness that welcomes all forms of diversity is most likely the best approach. And it must come from both the top and the bottom. Then it comes together in the center to maximize harmony, efficiency, and production.