How To Create a Facebook Avatar

With the recent rebranding of Facebook to Meta, there has been an increasingly high usage of the new Facebook Avatar feature. Facebook Avatars allow you to express yourself by customizing pretty much every possible facial feature, and they can even be given different outfits.

With your Facebook Avatar, you’ll be able to set it as your Facebook profile picture (like this account) and send messages of your Facebook Avatar in various poses. For example, your avatar will appear in hundreds of different image templates that you can send to your friends. 

Because Facebook has recently rebranded to Meta, there will be many upcoming features that get incorporated with the Facebook Avatars. There are already many things in development at Meta currently, so it’s a great time to create your Facebook Avatar.

For steps on how to create your own Facebook Avatar, keep reading this article. 

  1. Get The Facebook Phone App

To get started, all you’ll need is a Facebook account and your phone. You will only be able to create the avatar using your phone, so desktop versions of Facebook will unfortunately not work for this.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you’re going to want to sign up for one. You can find a link to the account creation page here. The process to create a Facebook account is fairly straightforward and will open up a lot of neat features for you. 

If you don’t have a phone to use, there are third-party alternatives that will let you use the Facebook App on your desktop. We don’t necessarily recommend these options, as some of them don’t always work. However, you can read this article by PCMag for more information on running phone apps on a computer.  

  1. Navigate to the Facebook Messenger

Once you have opened Facebook on your phone, click on the app menu icon (the three horizontal lines). Then, once you are in the menu, you should see a “tap for more” button. Once you hit that, you’ll be able to see an ‘Avatars’ option. Click on that.

  1. Design your Avatar’s Appearance

Upon arriving at the avatar creation page, your first step will be to choose a skin tone for your avatar. Fortunately, Meta has provided a very customizable way to choose your skin tone, allowing for all users to feel like they can make themselves on Facebook.

Next up, will be choosing your hairstyle. There are still quite a few hairstyles to choose from, but Facebook unfortunately is missing out on some pretty cool hairstyles. We’d love to see some more hairstyles from Facebook, as it would allow for more creativity and diversity among the avatars.

Following your hairstyle will be choosing eye color, eye shape, face shape, hair color, and all the other details. This is the step that will truly allow you to shape your avatar into something that resembles yourself – or whomever you wish to create.

  1. Get an Outfit

Facebook saved the best for last, as this step is all about picking out the perfect clothing for your avatar. In the avatar creation, you’ll be able to select some free headwear and clothing to put on your avatar, but the selection in the avatar creator is really lacking.

Fortunately, Facebook has recently launched their Meta Avatars Store! On June 20th of this year, Facebook announced they would be launching their digital store that users could buy clothing for their avatars in. 

Three of the world’s biggest fashion brands have already partnered up with Meta to offer their own outfits in the Meta Avatars Store. Balenciaga, Prada, and Thom Browne will all be selling unique digital outfits for users to purchase in the coming days.

Key Takeaways From This Article

We hope this article helped you create your Facebook Avatar, as it can be a bit of a confusing process. These avatars will allow you to represent yourself more on Facebook, and send images containing your avatar to your Facebook friends. Facebook Avatars are going to become more and more popular with the rebranding to Meta. 

We recommend checking out the Meta Avatars Store as well to buy digital clothing for your avatar! There are many unique outfits to choose from, with more being designed every day. These are going to be a huge part of Meta in the next few years, so it’s a great idea to check it out now.