How Web Design Affects SEO Rankings

If there is one thing that remains constant in today’s technology, it is change. What this means for digital marketers is the necessity to be aware of these changes and adapt to them or risk being left behind and having their business suffer. Competition is stiff, and it is vital to be at par or outrank rival companies. Concerning web designs, change is just as constant. What may have been a successful web design before may not have the same appeal today. Regardless of the quality of a product or service offered, it is the interest of consumers to visit the business site that matters. An outdated website faces the risk of losing traffic and opportunities to sell.

An excellent web design includes elements that make the site appealing and easier to navigate. In addition, it provides users with a pleasant experience during their visit, increasing the chances for potential clients. For entrepreneurs who are not technically savvy or do not have the time to focus on enhancing their business sites, enlisting the services of a web design agency in Oxford is an excellent option. With professionals handling this vital aspect, businessmen can be confident that their website is up-to-date and generating more traffic. SEO rankings also improve significantly with a professional web design and its modern features.

Here are some ways that web design affects SEO rankings.

Improve page load time

Online shoppers can choose from countless websites offering products/services they need. Because of all these choices, they will not want to waste their time on slow websites that take more than three minutes or less to load. If a web page does not appear quickly, you can expect them to move on to a faster-loading website while you lose the opportunity for profit. A website’s page load time is a prime ranking factor for search engines like Google. Search engines focus on providing online users with the best experience during searches and acquiring the information they need right away. A professional web design ensures quick loading and keeps consumers happy. A fast-loading website ranks higher than those that don’t.

Decrease bounce rate

Bounce rate is the length of time a visitor remains on the site. Websites need to monitor whether visitors stay longer on the site or decide to leave after a short while. Search engines like Google also consider the behaviour of users during the duration of their stay on the website. If they leave shortly, search engines translate it as a site’s weakness in content and web design. A good web design keeps visitors on the page and allows for simple navigation, significantly reducing bounce rate and increasing ranking on search engine results.

Keep the site mobile-friendly

There is no question that people depend on their mobile devices for all their requirements. Their portability allows users to gain information anytime and anywhere. When a web design is mobile-optimized, search engines rank them higher as they are more convenient for people to use wherever they are, providing information whenever needed. To ensure your website meets these critical design and SEO criteria, partnering with a reputable SEO Company Warrington can provide the expertise needed to optimize both the design and SEO performance of your site.

Web design plays a prime role in the success of a website. Therefore, it is crucial to have one that generates more traffic and increases ranking.