How to choose a marketing automation tool?

The use of a marketing automation tool is one of the effective solutions to boost your ROI quickly. You can find different software on the market that can contribute to the success of your sales prospecting. However, how can you recognize which one best suits your company’s needs? The following lines will help you find the best marketing automation tool.

What is the purpose of a marketing automation tool?

A marketing automation tool is able to create several scenarios in order to personalize your sales prospecting messages. Its use offers you the advantage of saving time in all the actions to be carried out to generate leads and acquire new customers. It helps you to :

  • program your lead generation campaigns
  • analyze your performance results;
  • segment your prospects;
  • better manage all your content.

Some automation tools, such as Kaspr, have multiple features to facilitate the search for qualified leads. They offer considerable time savings, as it takes only a few clicks to collect a large number of customer contacts.

Kaspr is one of the lead generation tools that can automatically send invitations and welcome messages on LinkedIn. The marketer will then only have to export the qualified contacts to his CRM in order to launch a sales prospecting campaign.

What are the criteria to analyze before choosing a marketing automation tool?

The choice of a marketing automation tool depends on the technical skills of your team. Several parameters come into play when choosing the right software for a company. That’s why digital marketing experts recommend sorting automation tools based on:

The skills of your marketing team

Using marketing automation tools often requires technical prerequisites that differ from one software to another. In order to succeed in your sales prospecting campaigns, choose a tool that is easy to handle.

Make sure that your team has solid skills in order to set up the software properly. Don’t hesitate to take training courses to take advantage of the many benefits of a tool you don’t master.

Your company’s marketing objectives

Several marketing automation platforms offer solutions to increase your ROI quickly. Some of them are able to send personalized emails and SMS to encourage targets to enter a conversion tunnel.

You can also find various tools to optimize your sales prospecting, able to handle up to 5 campaigns with different possible scenarios. They help you acquire new leads and convert them into customers quickly.

The size of your company

Marketing automation tools are not designed for all businesses. Some are suitable for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, while others are more suited to the objectives of large companies. Ideally, you should choose a tool that is adapted to the size of your company and capable of helping you manage your database.

How to choose a marketing automation tool?

The choice of a marketing automation tool should be based on your company’s needs. Since not all software offers the same features, take the time to study each offer before making a purchase. To find the right tool for you, digital marketing professionals advise you to :

Define your company’s objectives

A good automation tool meets all the marketing needs of a company. Determine which features are essential to your strategies to improve your sales prospecting campaign. Also define all your needs in order to sort out the software that can help you achieve your marketing goals. Some tools are used to follow-up on customers, while others help convert leads into buyers.

Sorting marketing automation tools

From the list of your needs, make a first sort of tools. Compare the features and price of each offering. Do some research by consulting software publishers’ websites to check the positioning and maturity rating of each tool. The objective of this sorting is to select the marketing automation software that is best suited to your company.

Test the pre-selected tools

Before choosing a marketing automation tool, it is a good idea to try it out. Kaspr offers its users a demo version so that they can check whether the tool really meets their expectations. Choose software that offers a free trial period. Also, there is no point in buying a tool that offers several features that your company will not need.

The essential points to remember

The use of marketing automation tools contributes to the success of your sales prospecting strategies and to the increase of your ROI. To find the best software, determine your objectives and take into account the technical skills of your team. Don’t hesitate to consult the testimonials of digital marketing professionals to help you choose your next marketing automation tool.