How to Reset a Motion Sensor Light That’s Stuck?

Is the motion sensor light on your motion sensor stopped in between on or off position? Here’s a common problem that we all experience especially when we get power surges and in a blink of an electric episode the motion detector stops working. Normally, people fall under the misconception the button has broken; however, what they fail to realize is that the switch can easily be resetted. 

All you have to do is take a few minutes from your clock to troubleshoot the motion sensor light and it will save you the hassle. Plus, you won’t have to repurchase the device and you won’t require any special tool whatsoever to fix it. Is the motion sensor light on your motion sensor malfunctioning? First you need to identify whether it is the right time to reset a motion sensor light or not? 

When You Should Reset the Motion Sensor Light? 

Home motion sensors normally work? When a person or a vehicle enters within the premises of the sensor range, time & time after the power on the sensor turns on and the light starts blinking.

Eventually, with the passage of time, the light starts getting dim which eventually results in making the motion sensor weak. As a result, the light becomes non responsive or quit altogether working.    

How will you know that your motion sensor light requires resetting? 

  • When even large moving objects pass through the motion sensors, they do not trigger the light. 
  • The light turns on for long periods of time when a fairly large object moves in front of the sensor. 
  • When the light becomes sensitive and stops detecting moving objects passing in front of them. 

When the following issues take place, then it’s best that you troubleshoot the motion sensor light. Now you can either choose to do it yourself, or you can call Vancouver electricians to help you. 

Whatever you think is the most appropriate solution for your business problem. 

How to Reset a Motion Sensor Light? 

Are you wondering if it’s possible for you to fix your motion sensor light? Then my answer is YES. It is possible. You can do it by following these few tips to help you reset the motion sensor light issue. 

  • Start by turning off the fixture’s circuit breaker and keep it shut for at least 30 seconds. 
  • Does the fixture come with a light switch? Turn the switch on for 2 seconds, then turn it off for 2 seconds, then turn it back on.
  • Does the fixture have a light switch? Quickly turn it on/off at least 4-5 times until the light stays on.  
  • Once the light remains on, turn the switch off for 5 seconds and then turn it back on. 
  • Can you change the sensitivity level of your device? If yes, then try that. By changing the sensitivity, you can detect anyone who chooses to trespass on your property. 
  • Replace the light bulb in the light fixture in case, if it’s a bad bulb.

So there you go, here are some of the best practices which you can follow to ensure you’ve completely resetted the motion sensor light on your motion sensor. If things workout, then all good. If they don’t then you best call up an electrician in Batemans Bay to help you fix the motion sensors, so you don’t have to do it yourself.