Storage Companies Get Creative in Meeting Customer Demands during the Christmas COVID Season

The portable storage business, mezzanine floor manufacturers and mezzanine floor suppliers, are not the only industries that comes to mind when you think about businesses being forced to adapt amidst the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic. Still, storage pods are fuelling creative uses across different industries as companies find ways to cope with the different challenges brought on by the pandemic. Portable storage units seem to have found utility beyond their usual niches. They are traditionally used for transport and, you guessed it, storage. However, amid the pandemic they have gained popularity for other non-traditional uses.

A cozy tropical dining space is not what you would expect to see in a rentable storage pod, but that is exactly what you will see if you visit the tiki bar Strange Bird in Irvington, Indianapolis. Owner Nick Warner has rented ten storage pods which he transformed to create a cozy dining space for his patrons. The COVID pandemic means outdoor dining is now generally preferable, but winter is here and that means patrons need to be comfortable while maintaining social distancing protocols. It also means restaurant owners need to be creative in their marketing. 

“It is a little bit enclosed, feels very intimate…” he said.

Similarly, anyone with concern about Santa leaving the north pole this year need not worry because he will be visiting at least one Asheville community for a non-profit event. Patrons can visit Asheville’s first COVID-safe “Santa Shell” out of Go Mini’s mobile storage units. The community event is inviting guests to bring their families over a 4-day period where they can meet Santa and get their pictures taken. They can do so safely behind a cozy glass wall.

Among its more traditional uses, the industry is helping to store COVID 19 vaccines and even to accommodate an increase in the number of people who want to relocate due to factors brought on by the pandemic and the winter season.

The common theme with the more creative uses seems to be the portability, coziness and ease with which the units can be made safe for frequent visitors both during and after use. It is no wonder then that the storage market is expected to witness huge gains over 2020-2026, according to the most recent global Portable Storage Containers market research report. The  report contains detailed specifications about the Portable Storage Containers market size in terms of sales, revenue and value. 

Clearly, companies are not limiting the uses or applications of their units so finding the best company for your storage and portability needs should not be a challenge this season. 

Find the best storage solution by comparing cost, unit features and local availability. Many storage companies are franchised so another selling point is that you are usually dealing with sales-people from your local communities. Consider  the businesses differentiating themselves on the market as well, as they are sure to come up with creative ways to meet your storage needs.