Glass Shark Gig


Glass Shark at the Blue Bar on Saturday was freekin amazin.

The band is made up of three dudes, one on lead guitar, on drummer and one bass. But for three guys they make a hell of a lot of noise . I like. I like a lot.

They mostly played their own songs, but they also did a couple of Police covers and a couple of mashups. The mashups were totally amazing and it looked quite spontanious with the guitarist Jim looking round at drummer Tam to see where the hell he was going with the beats, then filling in with some Walking On The Moon. Very funny. Had the whole Blue Bar jumping.

The bar manager had some issues with them being too loud. Tray explained to me that there was a three light system so the bar manager could see if they were sucking too much electricity juice out of the socket. If the light showed green everything was ok. If it was amber then they were too loud, and when it hit red they were in imminent juice overload and all the fuses would blow.

So I (like a true geek) placed myself in a position so I could monitor said 3 light system. It turned out it was a four light system, 1 green, 2 amber, 1 red.

Glass Shark rocked throught most of their set, at one point I was disapointed to see that they couldn’t keep the red light on, momentarily the volume dropped and the amber lights lit. No!

But they made up for it and during their last song, all four lights winked out.

I braced myself for the explosion.

But nothing happened. Gutted. No explosion, no electrical fire, no popping light bulbs. Ah well, can’t blame Glass Shark for lacking explosions. Health and safety and all that crap.

Too loud? My ears weren’t bleeding. It wasn’t loud enough.

Catchy choons. Toe tapping beats. Great live performance. Two thumbs up