Biffy Clyro Means

I like Puzzle, the new music from Biffy Clyro. I really like it.

But what the feck does Biffy Clyro mean? They are from Scotland, so I thought maybe it was where they came from. Nope. I did a lot of searches but could find nowt.

Eventually I took Trays advice and just asked google, “What does Biffy Clyro mean?”, top link was: define:Biffy Clyro. Clever.

“Biffy Clyro” is a spoonerism! Someone in the band had a Cliff Richard biro pen. So I guess it was his Cliffy Biro -> spoonerism -> Biffy Clyro.

Who wouldn’t want a Cliff Richard biro? I’m on eBay RIGHT NOW…