Free Things To Do With Kids This Weekend

Kids can be expensive to maintain, but only if you think a fun time requires spending a considerable amount of money. The most crucial part of a child growing up is those happy memories. The American Psychological Association mentions that childhood memories can lead to better health as one gets older. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get great childhood memories for your kids. A lot of what you can do to build up those memories can be done on a budget. The best things in life are still free. All it takes is a little elbow grease and a massive helping of fun.

Bake Some Cookies or a Cake

According to Scientific American, the smell can play a significant part in recalling our childhood memories. Why not give your kids something they’re likely always to remember as they grow older? Baking a cake or cookies is a messy endeavor, but it’s one that you’d enjoy doing with them. Combining it with a Netflix night where you can sit and watch a great family movie might be exactly what you need to bond with your kids.

Camp Out in the Backyard

Camping doesn’t require a trip to some exotic location. The backyard outfitted with a makeshift bed sheet tent, and a few pillows can make for a pretty neat getaway. You can even roast a few marshmallows and tell scary stories. If the kids get antsy, they can always head back up to their own rooms to sleep.

Make a lemonade stand

One classic, budget-friendly activity is setting up a lemonade stand. This fun project can teach your kids about entrepreneurship, responsibility, and the value of money. They can enjoy making signs, mixing lemonade, and interacting with neighbors. Plus, the stand can become a gathering spot for neighborhood kids, enhancing their social skills and community sense. This simple yet engaging activity can create lasting memories and offer valuable life lessons.

Get In Some Board Gaming

A family board game night is one of the best things to do with kids. We’re not talking about Monopoly and Scrabble here. Board gaming has evolved into something unique, and you can usually find games that appeal to a wide range of ages. Since we’re looking at free options, you’ve likely got a deck of playing cards lying around somewhere. These can prove to be endless fun for the right family, combining fun and bonding in a single pastime.

Film Some Science Experiments

Memories can be captured on film, but some parents only record the “big moments.” You’d be surprised how much the smaller moments count. Turn the recording of home movies into a learning experience by conducting some small, safe home experiments that your child can learn from. You can use ingredients that already exist in the house to come up with solid learning material. The recording will allow them to look back on what they did as kids and remember their fun.

Memories Can be Free

The value of memory can’t be measured in dollars. For some kids, just getting the chance to spend time with their parents is enough for them. The last year has been stressful for many parents and trying to find ways to entertain kids that don’t cost a lot has stressed many parents out. As a parent, the most crucial thing your kid will remember is that you were there for them. Being there is secondary to the actual activity. Being a supportive and understanding parent requires knowing that you don’t have to shell out tons of cash to build incredible, long-lasting memories. All you need to invest is your time.