Beware of them: These 6 factors can lead to drug addiction

If we all give in to the worries of this world, I’m quite certain we would all lose our sanity and normalcy. Such is the extent to which life’s worries and challenges can affect human existence. But despite the fact that some of us have been able to beat these challenges, there is no denying the fact that some haven’t. In fact, many often resort to the use of drugs and alcohol as a way of beating their stress and worries. Unfortunately, though, these kinds of people risk facing a greater threat in the form of addiction, which, unlike life’s worries and stress, is actually more difficult to tackle. This is to say that, as much as one may struggle to keep up with life or feel a void in one’s life, resorting to the use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol is the never the best way to go. Although people, especially your loved ones, will most likely come through for you – by processing your intervention letter, taking you to rehabs, striking appointments for you, and helping you regain normalcy – when the curtain finally drops, and you’re officially declared an addict, you really don’t want to go down that lane. But is life stress and worries the only contributory factor? Never! There are so many factors that can lead to drug addiction. So, before you fall into the trap of addiction under the guise of life’s worries, we’ve compiled a list here in this article, which we feel will help you identify those possible factors that can make you addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Family background

Strange as it may sound, your genetic makeup can also determine, to a great extent, your drug addiction tendency. You don’t believe that? Wait till you read the next few lines. According to recent reports, it has been established that there is, indeed, an actual correlation between drug use and family history. It is a well-accepted fact that people with a long family history of drug use and dependence are more likely to become addicts themselves. The belief is that when an individual is raised in an environment where drugs, alcohols, and other substances are being abused, such individual is very much likely to grow psychologically in a way that encourages addiction. So besides the worries, stress, and voids in your life, your family background can also determine whether you’ll become addicted to drugs or not.

Lack of options

When people are pushed to the wall – whether financially, personally, relationship and marriage-wise, or otherwise, they tend to react in different ways. While some may be able to bounce back and get their lives back on track, others may not be able to, and instead of bouncing back, they end up becoming addicted to that thing that gave them solace in their time of need – usually drugs and alcohols. This means that factors like poverty, debt, boredom, pressure, and disappointments can all lead to someone becoming an addict. So, if you find yourself struggling to keep up with some of life’s basic needs, always try to seek out help and not resort to the use of drugs and alcohol. Because when you do, you risk becoming addicted and not being able to drag yourself back to normalcy

 Mental health disorders

Research has it that people with existing mental disorders are far more likely to become drug addicts. In an attempt to resolve their mental illnesses, these kinds of people resort to using pills and substances that soothe their pains temporarily without minding what it does to them in the long-term. Once they begin to self-medicate with a certain drug or substance, and they find relief, it becomes challenging to stop, and they end up becoming addicted to the drug. To prevent this, you should always leave your treatments to professionals, and follow through with whatever prescription they give to you.

Peer Pressure

This is one of the leading factors responsible for drug addiction. The urge to be like your friends, the desire to consume as much as they do – all for the sake of recreation and feeling “High” – has led many into becoming drug addicts.

 Anxiety and depression

Another factor that can lead you to drug addiction, if not carefully dealt with, is anxiety and depression. Like we mentioned earlier, life’s worries are just one of the many things that make us human, and the best you can do is to embrace them and not let them overshadow you. Anxiety and depression, whether chronic or slight, greatly increase the risk factors for drug use. So, when you give yourself to these two factors, then you’re very much likely to end up an addict. 


One of the many noticeable characteristics of drug addicts is their desire to be alone. They simply enjoy their own company or that of someone like them. And the moment they’re not able to find someone (an addict) like them, they would withdraw into their shell and be alone, because they trust their drugs to keep them company. In the same vein, when you’re alone, you become more likely to grow addicted to drugs and alcohol because you see them as a solution to feel better.