How Tech Can Help You Market Your Business

tech for business marketing

Technology gives us so many ways to market a business online, from a mom and pop local store to an e-commerce website that sells all over the world. While this has created a lot of competition due to a low barrier of entry, it gives business owners more creative ways to attract new customers.

But with so many options it can be overwhelming to many business owners. They often wonder what the best options are. Using the wrong strategies can end up costing you too much time and money.

So, in order to help, we put together a little information that applies to several different types of businesses, big to small, from service providers to retailers. These are some marketing strategies you should consider trying out.

Be Found Online for Local Search Queries

The amount of traffic that you can drive to your website from Google alone is mind blowing. It’s the world’s largest search engine and there is an endless supply of traffic available there. The key is to be found on the top of the results for keywords and search phrases that your customers are likely to be typing into Google.

Searches are performed for everything online, from those that are looking for information on the Caulfield Cup, to those that need to find a contractor for a home project. There isn’t a single business that cannot benefit from increased organic website traffic.

Spend time learning how to optimize your website for Google. There are many online articles, resources and even YouTube tutorial videos that walk you through the basics.

Create an App for Customer Engagement

Many businesses, like a retailer, have a list of customers. This is very valuable, as these are people that are not only familiar with the business, but have made a purchase in the past.

app business marketing

When you are able to constantly engage with them, it increases the chance of them becoming a repeat buyer. Creating an app for your customers is a great way to stay on their mind and also send special offers and deals directly to their phone via a push notification.

This type of marketing is less intrusive and can be more effective than banner ads and emails.

Create Content to Attract Customers on Social Media

Social media networks like Instagram and Facebook give you access to the entire world. You can then leverage this access to reach your target customer.

Social media also gives you access to any target audience, and many brands, such as those that have a CBD tincture line, can be active on social media and attract customers without worrying about advertising terms or service as long as the products are legal.

You want to create content that doesn’t just look like ads. It needs to be interesting and provide some sort of value. If you figure out this formula you will see that your audience will begin to like and comment on the content.

This is the type of natural engagement that gets them to connect to your business and eventually increase their support, by purchasing or visiting your establishment.