What You Should Really Buy For Your Baby

When preparing for a baby, you may be tempted to buy out the whole store, but it is important to focus on the essentials. What you really need are the items that your baby absolutely cannot do without. The more common essentials are obvious enough. 

You need baby clothes. You need onesies, cardigans, hats, vests, swaddlers, and drool bibs. When they get older you will need pants, shorts, sweaters, socks and shoes.

It is easy to get distracted by the cutesy and impractical when shopping for clothes, but it is one of the biggest mistakes first-time parents make. Remember, you are going to be on constant look-out for poop-explosions and drooling. This does not mean that you can’t get one or two frivolous items, but at least make sure it is for a special occasion. Another mistake is buying too much clothes. Babies are growing creatures, and they have no use for an extensive wardrobe.

Nappies and diaper essentials are non negotiable. Babies need to be changed more than 10 times per day. Whether you choose reusable or disposable diapers is up to you. Just ensure that you are fully stocked and that you have the accessories and cleaning essentials to go with them. You will need diaper-cream, wipes, a nappy steriliser, and a nappy or diaper disposal system.

Whether or not you choose to breastfeed, you will need baby bottles. Babies will have their preferences, so prepare to try different types of bottles before committing to a specific brand. If you do choose to breastfeed, you’ll find that a nursing pillow, a nursing cover, breast pump, nursing bra, nipple cream, and breast milk storage bags are useful to have. They will certainly make your nursing experience more bearable.

Parenting is not a one-size fits all journey, so you may either prefer some type of co-sleeping arrangement with your newborn or furnishing them with their own bassinet of full sized crib. Just be sure to keep choking hazards away from this area.

A permanently packed and properly stacked changing bag is a must-have item. This is the one item you can grab and take with you whenever you are leaving the house. It should have all the changing essentials you typically need, along with any of the soothing toys or items you can use to calm your baby if they become fussy.

You will also need some travel essentials if you drive, including a well-fitted car seat. You also will need a stroller to take long walks with your baby. Sometimes these items even come in convertible versions. For day to day moving around you will want to get some type of hands-free carrier.

Finally, a Baby First Aid Kit is useful to keep around. These kits usually include items such as a nasal bulb, baby nail clippers, soft-bristled baby toothbrush, baby comb, digital thermometer and medicine dispenser. You may not use these items often, but having them on hand will give you peace of mind.The best thing about these items is that you can get them all at once in a place like Happy Mango baby boutique. Shop in two stages if you must, but get the essentials first.