5 Tips For Tree Removal

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities and one of these is maintaining your grounds. Often as a homeowner we are called upon to remove trees for any number of reasons. We will discuss those reasons and what you should do to remove a tree in each of those situations. 

Fallen Trees

The most common reason that people have for removing a tree is when a tree has fallen. There are a number of reasons that trees fall, such as the ferocity of the weather, whether that’s in the form of high-speed wind, hurricanes or tornadoes. Sometimes trees fall because they’re diseased or pests have eaten away at the roots and trunk. A reason that is often ignored is that erosion can loosen the ground the roots are in, making it increasingly vulnerable to falling over. 

Diseased and Dead Trees 

As we have discussed, one of the causes of trees falling over is if that tree is diseased. Supposing you have a diseased or dead tree that has yet to fall over and you want to remove it before it falls over. It’s obvious that it’s better to remove it before it falls because when you remove it preemptively you have more control of events.  Before making the decision to remove the tree you need to consult an arborist or botanist who can tell you if the tree is dead, diseased, or overrun with pests. This can be especially hard to tell during winter when many trees are dormant. 

There are plenty of resources that help you check the health of your tree and you would do well to learn about the most common diseases among trees. It may be that although your tree is sick, it can still be restored to full health. 

Inconveniently Placed Trees

Many times a tree is simply in the wrong spot and is a great inconvenience to you. For example, a tree may straddle the boundary separating your property from your neighbor’s and one or both of you want it gone. Or perhaps the tree’s fruit falls over your car or somewhere you would rather keep clean. Or perhaps it blocks your view. Healthy or not, there are times when a tree has to be removed.

Professional Arborists

Whatever your reasons for hiring a tree services company, the ultimate goal is to safely remove a tree from your property. It’s important to conduct due diligence to make sure that the company you hire has a track record of success. You don’t want to take risks on your property. Good professionals will take the burden off of your hands so you won’t have to deal with any of the logistical problems and they will even dispose of the tree for you. 

DIY Tree Removal  

As a rule, you should not try and remove trees for which you need a ladder to get to the uppermost limbs. The risks and dangers there are too high and the potential damage and costs far outweigh any cost savings you might make from removing the tree on your own. For smaller trees, there are several steps you need to take. You need to allocate 2 to 4 hours for the project. What you need to do first is assess the area to see if there are any hazards. Before you start, check your chainsaw to make sure it’s in good condition.

Sharpen it if necessary. Plan the removal, ensuring that you know in what direction the tree will fall and kind of cut you need to make. Clear the area and create an escape path for the tree to fall. Always work with the appropriate protective gear, such as gloves, ear protection and safety glasses. You will need to get the appropriate gear for the exercise. What you need depends on how much of the work you will want to do yourself. There are options available to rent equipment that you don’t have. You may also need to hire a truck to ferry the wood once you are done. At all times, make sure to work according to the highest safety standards.