What To Do If Your Dog Is Licking The Furniture

Dogs are wonderful pets to have but if there’s something truly weird about them, it;s when they start licking everything around the house. Your face, toys, the floor… The strangest of these is when they start licking the furniture. It’s easy to explain away licking the floor because, for all you know, they could be looking for goodies that have tumbled to the floor. But it’s pretty hard to explain why dogs lick furniture. There’s nothing yummy about furniture, no matter how good it tastes. In this article, we will explain this all means and what to do if your dog is licking the furniture.

First off, when dogs lick stuff, it’s because they like the taste. The biggest reason is because there’s food that’s spilled onto that surface. So if you see your dog going through your cushions, or on the table, it could be because of spilled food. 

Another reason is that when we sweat, our sweat leaves a residue where we go. This can attract the interest of dogs.

So, you could start off by training your dogs to behave the way that you want them to behave.

That, however, is not the only reason that dogs lick furniture. Many times, dogs lick furniture for behavioural reasons, they could even do it because they’re bored or need exercise. Simply put, they do it because they’ve got nothing better to do. Dogs may lick or chew furniture in response to their boredom especially because, as animals, they are already attracted to wood’s texture. It’s a primal instinct. 

This can also be combated by training your dog, giving it exercise and stimulating its environment

Your dog, however, may be licking your furniture because it’s suffering from gastrointestinal discomfort or because it does not have a balanced diet. This is because dried kebble does not have not the proteins and vitamins dogs need. This is because of the way that it is cooked. A lot of the protein and vitamins are destroyed in the high temperatures necessary to cook the dried kebble. The best veterinarians will usually be able to help you find the right diet for your dog. If your dog is suffering from a gastrointestinal complaint, they will be able to treat your dog.

Another reason that dogs lick furniture is because they are anxious. Licking furniture releases endorses which calm your dog. Dogs do self-care too! One sign of anxiety or even boredom is when your dog is easily distracted from licking furniture. This may be a sign that it needs more environmental stimulation. If, however, it licks furniture obsessively, this could point to deeper anxiety and stress. 

Make sure to clean your furniture thoroughly so there are no traces of food left on it. You can also apply taste deterrents to make your furniture unpleasant for your dog to taste. 

If you believe the licking is due to boredom, get your dog chew toys to play with. 

Stimulate your dog’s environment with toys that give them treats when they solve them. 

You could incorporate stimulating activities into your dog’s routine, to keep it stimulated. Exercise and other activities will go a long way to stimulating your dog.