Very Important Features of PLT to PDF Converter

PLT files help in plotting or printing, whereas PDF files are intended to be viewed. PLT is not a language but a file extension, which the AutoCAD program uses to lay down written plans. HPGL is a standard plotter format that was designed by Hewlett-Packard for printing the designs in line instead of dots. AutoCAD as well as a few other CAD programs support HPGL. 

A PLT file is not printed on your standard office, printer because codes contained in the file are for some specific pen plotter purposes, which are not compatible to standard printers. When the need arises, users will have to do the PLT conversion to any commonly used format.

Conversion of the PLT file extension permits original file details to be printed on your office printer. The kind of format you choose to convert the PLT file will depend on specific viewer software type you use. For example, if you convert to BMP or JPG format then the file can be viewed on image-editing software like MS Paint. 

PLT to PDF conversion is preferred by most people. PDF or Portable Document Format introduced by Adobe System is an easily viewable as well as printable file type. You can share it easily, and every computer is armed with a PDF-viewing app. You can even download Adobe reader software for free from the internet. After the conversion from .plt to .pdf, you can use a standard office printer to print the file. 

PLT conversion

There is a need for conversion software to convert the CAD files to the necessary format. There are several developers offering .plt to .pdf conversion programs for free, while there are a few third-party software that allows you to enjoy batch conversions and many other perks.

ReaConverter is highly efficient conversion software. It is designed to convert plenty of folders and files in one click. The software supports a huge number of reading and writing formats. It can read and write regular, advanced, RAW, Vector, Microsoft Office, Windows, CAD, Gerber, 3D, GIS, and multiple raw images 

Its indispensable features are –

  • Alteration & orientation
  • Adjustments
  • Creative retouching
  • Watermarking

Watch Folders

Editing images in bulk is time-consuming and tedious, especially for designers and photographers. The software allows avoiding the dull and repetitive batch image editing with Watch Folders. Configure the software to monitor image folders, specific actions are applied automatically to every file.

For example, if a folder has images that need to be resized, and another folder that needs Convert PLT to PDF, and a third folder that needs both the features. You can achieve all this with a simple configuration in one operation.

Command-line interface

An advanced computer operator or a software developer, who desires to include the software’s features as a personal custom solution, or prefers to automate some recurring processes associated with image editing, then the command-line feature is helpful. However, this advanced feature is available in the Pro-edition package only.

If you are interested, then you can try the free version called Lite edition but it has limited features. However, it offers an idea of how the software performs before you go for the upgraded edition!