Tips to Crack the Salesforce Admin Exam

The Salesforce Administrator certification is one of the best starting points to excel at when taking your first step on this career path. The course is a fundamental guide to all the basics of Salesforce administration, laying down the groundwork upon which you can build your skills and make further advancements into various Salesforce domains. This is why every year, lots of students take the Salesforce Admin exam to earn the required credential as the first success point on this journey.

While there are lots of paid training courses and resources available online to help you get ready for the exam, the best way to go about it would be self-paced learning. Believe us, with adequate preparation for the test and a few key tips, you too can look forward to cracking this nut in just one (and hopefully the first) attempt itself.

Tips to Prepare for Salesforce Admin Exam

It’s not difficult. You can save money spent on paid online training and instead pay attention to the following:

  1. Get thorough with the study guide – Each Salesforce certification course comes with a detailed study guide to help the student prepare for the certificate exam. Study that guide well. You can download it for free on Here you’d find the outline for the exam and the specific topics to be covered. Answers are also provided at the Salesforce Learning Center.
  2. Make Trailhead your key resource – This Salesforce website is one of the best sources for training on the platform. Visit for all types of Salesforcetraining programs.
  3. Learn from video tutorials – There are lots of video tutorials for learning the Salesforce platform. These tutorials are updated regularly to provide the latest information and answers to all your questions regarding the platform. Most questions in the exam are taken directly from these tutorials so pay careful attention to them.
  4. Go by the 80/20 rule – It’s futile studying up everything; it drains you out too. The exam gives equal weightage to each section. A knowledge of the same would help you choose the specific topics to study for the test. It’d be better to dedicate more time and energy on those sections that can draw you the highest score.
  5. Devoting time is the key –Like any other exam, this one too needs ample time for preparation. You can’t expect to be ready for the test in just a week or 2 days. Most professionals who take the Salesforce Admin exam complain of time constraints for preparation owing to work pressure. But you’d have to manage your time well if you expect to excel. Keep at least a month for yourself,1 hr/day to review all the sections and concepts thoroughly. 
  6. Attempt mock tests – These would help you get an idea on timing yourself when taking the actual test. 

Most important, don’t forget to register for the exam in advance. This would also help you prepare more seriously because you know when you have to take the test.