Tips For Getting Botox

Cosmetic surgeries are getting more and more popular lately. The 2019 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons notes that for Botox in particular, treatments increased 878% from the year 2000 to 2019. 

Although the procedures are increasing, there are still some misconceptions about the treatment process and its effects. There are some useful tips to follow for first-timers who want to have the surgery. 

The first suggestion is to be realistic about the cost of the surgery. It will be a recurring charge so it can sound expensive. However, if you think about it in terms of average cost per day, it can be quite affordable. One unexpected consideration is that if the cost is really llow, it might be because of unethical or illegal medical practices. Either you may be getting a diluted dosage or your provider may be getting supplies from an unauthorized supplier which would also bring the safety of the product into question. When checking out providers in your area, it is safest to call around and compare their price offerings. 

Secondly, do not skip having a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Like most medical procedures, it is just wise to do a consultation before getting Botox treatments. Apart from helping you make a decision if the treatments are right for you, a consultation will also help you get a good understanding of your care-provider’s bedside manner and give you some idea of their work. They would also need to get a good idea of how your face moves naturally. You may even need to do some type of health screening prior to your surgery to ensure you are not taking any medication that will interact negatively with the treatment.

You also need to prepare for the follow-up treatments. Botox treatments are not actually permanent and you will need to go in up to every three months for new treatments. This is an important tip because if you take the fillers too early, even before you start showing wrinkles and lines, then you are going to have years of follow-ups to do. Frankly, this is a scenario you may want to avoid. Another thing to keep in mind is that some services might offer you discounted memberships that can offset the repeated cost so you can keep an eye out for those kinds of deals.

The professionals doing your surgery are certified by institutions like Injectable Academy so you can be sure that they will see to your care as best as they possibly can. You may have some perception that your face will appear ‘frozen’ after your treatment but the goal is really to keep as much of a natural look as possible. You should consider the after-care that you will need to put in. Immediately after surgery, you will need to avoid several simple activities like putting on makeup, washing your hair, and lying down. You will also need to avoid exercise and not fly for several hours after your treatment.  

Once you approach your surgery with the best care and caution before, during and after then you are likely to have a reasonable surgical experience.