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Industries That Use Latex Gloves: The List is Growing

Latex is a wonder material that possesses unique properties, and its technical name is spandex, which happens to be an anagram of ‘expands’, as this material has a very high elasticity. Latex gloves are used in many industries; medical and hi-tech logistics being just two sectors that use Latex gloves, and one of the reasons Latex is the preferred material for gloves is that the high elasticity allows the wear to have the same delicate touch as if you are not wearing gloves.

Here are a few of the industries that use Latex gloves as standard practice.

  • The healthcare sector – Of course, doctors and nurses use Latex rubber gloves whenever they come into contact with a patient, and the gloves do not impair the feeling of touch, nor the dexterity of the fingers. If you are in need of this product, search online with Google for an established  Latex glove manufacturer, who would have a range of powdered and non-powdered latex gloves, which are ideal for patient examination. All dental practices are bulk users of disposable Latex gloves, which they source online, while the pharmaceutical industry is also heavily invested in Latex gloves.
  • Hi-Tech Manufacturing – Products that must be made in a clean environment require that operatives wear Latex gloves, which are disposed of at the end of the shift, along with overalls and a hairnet. The hi-tech logistics industry also makes good use of Latex gloves, mainly due to the fact that Latex gloves allow the wearer to carry out complex finger actions, essential when working with sophisticated equipment. The Internet is regarded as a vault of information, as you can learn about everything via a Google search.
  • Auto-Finishing – If you visit a hi-end car body paint shop, you will see all employees wearing Latex gloves, as this allows the tradesperson to touch the body without leaving an oily stain, which might show up when viewed at the right angle.
  • Covid-19 Prevention – We are learning more about this hardy Coronavirus, and we now know that the virus can remain on surfaces for many hours, if the temperature is suitable. The entertainment and hospitality sectors are now using Latex gloves in a bid to stop the spread of Covid-19, which gives customers peace of mind, knowing that establishments are taking the virus seriously. Post office workers in some countries have been using Latex gloves since the pandemic emerged, and it is very likely that other sectors will add gloves to their list of PPE ordered from the online wholesaler. Click here for the latest UK government information on Covid-19, which is updated on a daily basis.
  • Chemical Facilities – In some sections of the chemical facility, the employees would wear Latex gloves to protect their skin from harmful chemicals, along with other forms of PPE, including eye and ear protection.

The arrival of the global Covid-19 pandemic has seen a huge rise in the usage of Latex gloves and PPE in general, and regardless of your PPE needs, there are online wholesalers that have reasonable prices to top quality products. Whatever your chosen field, order all your PPE requirements from a local wholesaler for the lowest possible prices.