How to Win on Spotify?

If you are a young budding music creator, the question in the title isn’t new to you. I think it has already crossed your mind a few times, after you saw poor results of your music releases.

And that is a great question to ask, right in time. Luckily for you, I have an answer, and it is as obvious as it can be – Spotify promotion. Yeah, that easy. But you know, life is hard, so keeping things simple is definitely worth the fuss. Now, what is this promotion, and what are the reason to do it in your case?

What is the point?

To fully understand the whole point of music promotion, let’s look at Spotify. This music-streaming service is booming, and every day grows significantly. Other services are envy to such growth. You may be following metal and rock music news and want to be a star like other artists.

The Spotify has over 200 million users, and more than 10 million creators, that upload music every day. If you are planning on becoming one of them, you need to withstand among them. How to be different if someone already does what you do? Simple – promotion. This simple action will become an ace up your sleeve, allowing you to survive where others – die.

With the promotion you will faster get out of the “pit of ignorance”, as I call it. There is a certain level of popularity, when you are not big enough to be noticed, and not small enough to be miserable. And getting as fast as you can out of this pit is the best thing you can do for your career. As you know, time is of the essence. What’s the point of becoming popular when you already forgot about your music dreams? No point in that. If you want popularity – you need it straight away, right here, right now.


Now, to the methods of promotion. Usually, people imagine music promotion on Spotify to be like ads that follow users anywhere they go. But in reality, it is like accessing the secret areas of your stash, finding new things. It is more like working with the audience, that has never seen or heard your music genre. It is like opening their eyes. But all the promotion channels that generate real organic and legal traffic are not available to anyone except the promotion services. Only in such services you can get real activity on your profile.

If you are successful

If your promotion will be successful, which it will be, you will start to notice, that your song is not available in popular playlists, curated playlists, top-charts, and user recommendations. People will start listening to it more, sand you will finally get the attention you deserve. Even if your music is weird, there will always be a person that will like it. And when someone like it – it is not very hard to make it trendy. All you need i Spotify promotion and your music, and I am sure that the second part is already present. So just add some promotion to it!