How to Streamline Your Contracts with Electronic Signatures

Many businesses secure customer engagements through signed documents (often in combination with a business proposal). A contractor is going to have a client sign a work order before work begins, outlining the services to be performed and the cost for each line item.

A marketing company is going to enter into a contract with each client, detailing what is to be performed each month and at what cost. Signed documents are an everyday occurrence. Well, now managing contracts and service agreements is easier thanks to digital technology. offers a digital signature solution that makes the entire process, from start to finish, as easy as can be. This is how these services are streamlining the process.

Create One Process

When you aren’t working with a simple streamlined process it leaves room for error. There are several contract formats, they are collected and stored differently. It can create a complete mess.

With electronic contract signing there is just one process. You upload the document you need signed, send it off, receive the fully executed copy and it’s stored. Simple. Effective.

Adhere to a Strict Data Privacy Policy

GDPR is a very popular topic throughout Europe, and amongst companies collecting data from European customers. being based there has resulted in a solution being created that is compliant with the strict data privacy laws. Simply by using this solution keeps a business safe from potential fines and penalties.

Keep All Finalized Documents in One Place

Sometimes you need to access a previously signed document, and if your organizational skills are not on par it can take some time to dig up what you are looking for.

When you have a streamlined process that keeps everything in once place (account) it gives you the option to quickly search online by customer name, date, etc., in order to easily find what you are looking for. This is compliant as well as a major time saver.