How to Save Time with the Zoom Transcription Tool

Gone are the days when you had to spend a lot of money hiring professionals to conduct your zoom transcription services for you. You don’t need to waste your time and resources to get the transcript of your meetings.

You can use the Audio Transcription Tool, namely Notiv, which will take care of everything from recording the meetings, making summaries, marking key points, and sharing the content with the other collaborators. And all is done automatically. You just need to click a single button to get everything prepared.

How does the transcription tool work?

The Notiv zoom transcription tool is easy and simple to use. You just need to add the meeting to your calendar. You need to ensure the existence of the meeting in the required fields. In this case, the invite link can be somewhere in the Title, Location, or Description fields.

When turned on, Notiv will see this signal and join the meetings automatically. That’s why it is highly crucial to keep the Notiv app turned on.

To turn the Notiv on, you could go into Notiv and select the Meetings page.

From that section, you can turn the meeting recordings on. As long as your Notiv is on, you can rest assured that this app will then automatically join your meetings.

The moment you start the meeting on Zoom, the Audio Transcription Tool will start to work automatically. After finishing the note taking experience, Notiv will record zoom meeting  and create the transcription.

As you go with the meetings, you can have peace of mind since everything is recorded by this incredible software.

After the meeting session ends, the zoom transcription will come with the action items marked. You will also be able to access the summary of the meetings. This kind of result is pretty much useful for those who just want to view the highlights and key points of the meetings.

An AI-powered tool

An AI-powered tool like Notiv is not anything like the other productivity tools you can use for your business. It is more than just a tool that provides a Zoom recording transcription for you. It goes beyond that.

Notiv will record and create meeting transcription as you go without any hassle, along with the important key points and highlights that you can use to review the meetings more effectively.

You can also integrate zoom transcription services in Notiv with your overall workflow. Notiv conducts more than just a live transcription. It operates like the human assistant that you have dreamed about in the past.

It can easily sync with the calendar, send you reminders of upcoming meetings, and even compile the daily schedules for your meetings. It works like your personal assistant to remind you of the important agenda that you don’t want to miss at work.

You can focus only on the important parts of the meetings and send the key points to your colleagues, clients, and partners. There will be no misunderstandings or other issues to worry about when you use this app to record the meetings.

Real life benefits

It’s surprising that transcription hasn’t grown in popularity with the introduction of streaming video! The great majority of people are familiar with captions and subtitles. They may be unaware that transcription is the initial stage in turning audio to text. These are the true advantages of transcription activities.

Increasing the Response Time

Transcripts may be beneficial for video editors who work with a large amount of audio or video data. In a written document, editors might designate which areas require immediate attention and then return to work on those sections. Switching between activities greatly reduces productivity. Editors will save time since they will no longer have to switch between watching and editing while working on a transcript.

Improving the Relevance and Quality of Content

With the assistance of transcription services, finding video information is a breeze. Video cannot be seen or heard by search engines. Google engines analyzing the transcriptions might then determine the video’s substance.

The length of the video will decide whether or not it includes significant details on a variety of themes. As a result, larger film transcripts may automatically divide into numerous themes, allowing you to build a plethora of pages or blog entries about them.

Workers with a mission

Even if no one is compelled to take notes, scanning meetings and speakers benefits every sector. This might be valuable information in project management and marketing content repurposing. In experiments, visual memory has been proven to be superior to auditory memory. Employees may benefit from transcripts of all audio and video training.

Increasing the degree of access

One of the primary disadvantages of employing transcribing services is an increase in project turnaround time. You may save time by shortening the period between capturing audio or video and receiving the transcribed text (and that of your employees).

Buy only what you require

Even if you want large orders or finish transcripts fast, a full-time in-house transcriber is unnecessary. As a result, you may utilize our general transcribing service anytime and in whatever volume you want. You may also save money by using our low-cost transcription service.

Improving Customer-Directed Content

Whether you realize it or not, your firm is already producing online brand videos. As a consequence, the website’s traffic will grow, as will accessibility for consumers with impairments, as well as overall customer engagement.

Employees’ attention should be redirected

Despite their limited financial resources, startups and small businesses necessitate a high level of creativity. Employees can focus on more profitable tasks that contribute to the company’s overall goals by reducing the need for manual transcribing. To put it another way, eliminating a time-consuming task frees up space for more inventive thinking, resulting in a more favorable work atmosphere.

Gather information

Certain industries and occupations need a high level of specialization. You face the risk of hiring a transcriber with little or no experience in your industry if you use in-house or freelance transcribing. We have a staff of experienced transcriptionists that are well-versed in the slang and jargon of the areas they serve and can create an error-free transcript regardless of the subject matter.

It’s surprising that transcription hasn’t grown in popularity with the introduction of streaming video! The great majority of people are familiar with captions and subtitles. They may be unaware that transcription is the initial stage in turning audio to text. These are the true advantages of transcription activities. Furthermore, with the availability of advanced tools like video trimmers, transcribers can easily extract specific segments from videos for transcription, making the process more efficient and accurate.