Here’s How You Can Increase Engagement On Instagram… Organically!

Everybody who wants to know how to increase engagement on Instagram, should first be well-versed with the meaning of engagement on an Instagram account.

Engagement on Instagram means any interaction by your users with any of your posts, be it in the form of likes or comments. Engagement can also include views on Instagram Stories, as well as personal messages, commonly known as DMs.

In the quest of becoming a successful influencer, having high engagement on your account is a prerequisite, which will lead to better credibility and therefore better partnerships with good brands, to help you truly influence people positively.

There are many fake accounts and spammers who promise likes and comments, which may show you an increased engagement rate for the time being, but it is not a true measure of engagement. Let’s look at a number of pointers that can help you increase your Instagram engagement in an all-organic manner.

How To Increase Engagement on Instagram Organically!

Here are a few ways you can increase your Instagram engagement organically…

1. Hashtags:

Hashtags are an amazing opportunity to attract the right kind of audience to your posts. They help people find your account, people who are really interested in a particular niche, which means a readily engaged audience for you.

According to statistics, Instagram posts that include a hashtag get 12.6% more engagement than posts that don’t, which shows just how important hashtags are.

However, it’s crucial to use relevant hashtags that garner engagement. You can refer to the competition in your category and learn the industry hashtags that are trending. This will help you come up in the ‘explore’ section of people who are looking for different topics of interest.

2. Geo-location:

Posting pictures with the tagged location has also shown to yield more engagement. It results in a 79% higher engagement than in posts without location tags.

Whenever someone searches for a particular location, Instagram will show results of all the posts tagged with that location, which means it is a great way for your posts to be exposed.

The Instagram story feature, which is a series of posts that last for 24 hours, also has a location tagging feature which can be used.

3. Kicksta:

Kicksta helps you grow your Instagram audience organically.  They help connect brands and influencers with their target audiences in a natural manner.

4. Influencers:

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially. By partnering with an influencer that has a huge Instagram following, you are joining forces and increasing your brand’s reach. The right influencer can lend a genuineness to your campaign, making it look more authentic.

Influencers need to create original, meaningful and engaging content if they want to maintain their Instagram following. Brands can take advantage of this and run sponsored content with these partnerships. It is important for brands to give some sort of creative freedom to the influencers, in order for them to produce the best results.

5. Contests:

Hosting Instagram contests is hands down, one of the best ways to increase engagement.

According to statistics, contests help generate 3.5 times more likes and 64 times more comments than the regular posts.

You can always partner with a brand or another fellow influencer which will help you promote the contest to both your audiences. Organize a giveaway for winners of the contest where they are rewarded for following both the accounts and tagging their friends.

Contests are most engaging because they give your followers the freedom and a good reason to rope in their network of friends on your page, while also having fun and helping increase your follower base.

Your Instagram account is like a continuous journey, and you need to keep adapting with the new trends. Create powerful content every day and witness your engagement soar high, all organically!