Doe Deere launches a New Jewelry Business called Poppy Angeloff

Doe Deere launches a New Jewelry Business called Poppy Angeloff

Many people are willing to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, but they are afraid of failure. Anyone can start a business venture but maintaining it and making it successful is the biggest challenge. A successful person will stay focused and keep in touch with customers to know what they want. Doe Deere understands the jewelry business and knows many people love fine pieces and some people cannot leave without buying dazzling pieces. Some are obsessed with fabulous gems, and that is why the industry is booming.

A new brand

Doe is already renowned in the world of entrepreneurship for her past successful business ventures. Recently she came together with her sister and launched a business brand known as Poppy Angeloff which is expected to be exciting to ladies who love to look good. They are happy to have launched the business, and they have a goal to ensure people get access to their beautiful gems. They are already nurturing their jewelry line throughout social media because they want to get the information to everyone. It is something you cannot miss if you love to look good.

The symbol of the brand is pansy, and it can be traced back to Victorian times. Those are the days when passion and romance were not only mysterious but were hidden. If someone gave you a pansy, it meant the person was your admirer and was thinking of you.

The pansy is a symbol that is elegant and delicate. It is the same as the jewelry offered by the two sisters to buyers. Doe believes that women need to have some pieces that are stunning which can make them look beautiful and attractive. Poppy Angeloff is now a brand celebrated for having bold and vivid jewelry that is essential for women.

Who is Doe?

Doe Deere is a successful entrepreneur who has been busy doing various things in her life. The businessperson who was born in Russia relocated to New York City when she was in her late teens. There she met her future man Mark Dumbleton. They together started a successful business called Lime Crime which is today a successful makeup brand. They loved their business when they launched it in their apartment, and they had the vision to be strong, modern and rebellious.

Creative ventures

Deere and Mark are talented entrepreneurs, and they knew they had the power of discovering creative ventures in business. That is why Lime Crime became one of the top online companies. They are also efficient in marketing their products and targeting the right audience for their contemporary labels. Tengram Capital Partners now lead lime Crime. Mark and Doe are passionate about they continue to expand it to the global platform. They are visionary, and they believe the business continues to expand to cover the global arena and reach to all fans.

Today they are happy about their new company Poppy Angeloff, and they are also blessed with a beautiful baby girl. They are happy with their latest success, and their baby makes them joyful. Juggling between running a new business and taking care of a baby is not easy, but Doe is determined to succeed because she works hard and that is why she has been successful in her ventures. It is a new and happy chapter in their life for both Mark and Doe.

Instagram account

The two entrepreneurs have already created an Instagram account for Poppy Angeloff, and it is attracting thousands of followers. They have already built momentum for the business, and they believe it is going to be helpful to those who want good looks. Many entrepreneurs admire Doe’s skills, and they consult with her on launching a successful business venture.