Digital Signage Solutions: The Future Has Arrived

As we race through a period of digital development that surpasses anything we have every experienced, the retail industry has embraced digital signage already, and if your business has yet to move into digital signage, perhaps now is the time to take a look at the many options.

Small Retail Kiosks

This is a fast-growing sector, which can be seen when inside mass transit complexes and on the perimeter of shopping malls, and with touch sensor screens, consumers can interact in a positive way. LED flat screen monitors give high-resolution clarity, and all can be run from a small electrical box that is concealed at the rear of the kiosk.

Large Exterior LED Screens

If you want to put out your message in a very powerful way, large exterior LED screens offer the ideal platform, and running on a time-loop system, the content continuously plays for as long as you wish. If, for example, you run a computer hardware retail outlet, a large screen showing demos of all the latest models is sure to generate interest with passers-by, and by reviewing popular models, people will learn more about the powerful devices you are selling. The exterior LED screen supplier would have their very own delivery installation specialist, who would configure the system and check for any bugs or glitches, plus you have round the clock technical support, should you ever need it.

LED Projectors

The latest generation of LED projectors can give a hi-res image onto a very large projector screen, which is ideal for a restaurant or coffee shop, and whether you show news and current events or live sporting action, this is a high interest feature for any retail environment.

LED Message Boards

Great for informing people about special offers and last-minute discounts, an LED message board would be tailored to fit the location, which might be in a shop window or above product shelving. They come in all colours and neon brightness in an added attraction for those who wish to get their message out, and once designed and built, the boards would be installed by an experienced crew.

Easily Programmed

You can add to the playlist and make changes at any time from a small control panel that would be located within your retail space, and with professionally made short video clips, you have a very powerful marketing tool indeed. If you would like to explore the potential that digital signage offers, an online search will help you to locate a nearby specialist, who would be happy to show you some examples of what can be done.

If we do not move with the times regarding business promotion signage, there is a danger of being left behind, and people like to associate with innovative and forward-thinking organisations that make the very best use of current technology. Talk to a local digital signage specialist today and see what they have on offer to boost your retail space.