CBD Oil: Types, Benefits, and Treatments

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a popular natural remedy used for common ailments. The oil comes from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, the chemical causing the popular ‘high’ from marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive, making it a much less controversial choice.

Nowadays, this product is gaining momentum in the world of health and wellness. Scientific studies are confirming some of its highly-claimed health benefits. Today, we’re taking a look at the primary types, as well as the ways you could take advantage of this oil.

Types of CBD Oil

The industry for this product keeps expanding. However, picking the one for your condition isn’t only a matter of preference.  Keep in mind that CBD oil reviews can help you work out which products are likely to be the best for you.

Different methods of CBD delivery influence different receptors of the body. Some of the most common ones include the following.


Topicals include balms, salves, lotions, and creams, as well as shampoos, deodorants, and other beauty products. As such, they don’t enter the bloodstream, interacting with the skin instead.

This design allows the user to apply the product directly to a painful area. You’ll most likely use topicals for inflammation, injuries, and general skin health boosting.


A pioneering delivery method, tinctures are still the most commonly used method of ingesting this plant medicine. You either swallow a drop or add them to food and drink.

This method is best for its affordability and flexibility, as it comes in varying concentration wellness. It’s also the most versatile one, treating a range of conditions.


Isolates in the form of crystal, wax, and powder are the costliest, but the purest form of CBD available for purchase. It enables users to dose it to the milligram. Like tinctures, isolates are versatile and applicable to a variety of conditions.


Plenty of brands have catered to users who seek the most comfortable way of ingesting CBD oil. So, nowadays, a massive selection of snacks infused with the plant exists, from gummy bears to hot cheese snacks.

CBD edibles are among the best options for newbies, as they prefer the most precise dosages, and are easy to take on the go.

Oil Capsules

As with edibles, capsules offer super-precise dosing. Plus, they’re made of isolates, making them as pure as it gets. So, if you’re treating a specific condition, capsules are the safest method.

Oil capsules are excellent for pain, as they are easy to digest and act quickly.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Studies have proven the effectiveness of this compound in treating many health conditions. As the substance is safe and leads to no addiction, it’s an excellent choice for those whose alternatives include painkillers and similar medication.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable usages.

Chronic Pain & Inflammation Relief

Patients suffering from chronic pain have experienced relief with CBD oil. Today, it’s used for treatment for pain resulting from multiple sclerosis and cancer, as well as chronic inflammation.

Depression & Anxiety Reduction

Research by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America showed that CBD oil could help with both of the issues. Doctors advise people suffering from chronic mental health issues to avoid cannabis. 

Still, as CBD is non-psychoactive, it can reduce anxiety in people with a range of anxiety-inducing disorders.

The compound also enhances serotogenic signaling, which is lacking in depressed patients, thus reducing symptoms of chronic depression. 

Heart Ailments Aid

Heart disease is prominent across the US. A small 2017 study showed that CBD prevents blood-pressure fluctuations resulting from stress. It also reduces artery blockage and cholesterol levels.

Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

As mentioned before, this oil treats inflammation, which can help Diabetes patients. In this disorder, the immune system is attacking the pancreatic cells, causing inflammation. Some bolder studies even suggest that CBD oil may delay the development of Type 1 Diabetes.

Skin Conditions Alleviation

CBD oil encourages the death of abnormal cells, which helps treat skin conditions, such as eczema. It also regulates oil production by the skin, which leads to a reduction in acne.

Moreover, cannabidiol contains vitamin E and some other nutrients that naturally nourish the skin.

Who Can Benefit from CBD?

A recent report by the WHO showed that CBD products tend to be safe. However, pregnant women may see a negative impact on both their body and the body of their child. 

Moreover, research is still inconclusive when it comes to the interaction of the oil with other medications.

In general, as long as you make intelligent decisions among cannabis brands, the substance promises to do more good than harm.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, numerous ways exist for ingesting CBD oil, as well as more and more concrete evidence of its benefits. Talk to your doctor before you start applying this alternative approach, and it could be a great addition to your overall wellness.