5 Best Discoveries of the Decade

We’re in an era where new things are being discovered all the time, and this is possible thanks to technology. A few decades ago, inventions were sparse because they didn’t have the information at the reach of their fingertips. 

Nowadays, we have the Internet, smartphones, computers, and many other devices that help us access whatever information we need in just a few seconds. This is an amazing advance in itself.

However, this possibility has facilitated many discoveries because it allows us to see the information posted from investigators and research all around the world. There are some highlights from our recent inventions, and here are just a few! 

Cannabis for Health

Marijuana plants were banned all over, but some discoveries showed us its amazing properties. Cannabis is proven to help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and it even has some benefits for our skin.  

The best way to consume the herb is by taking the oil. It’s the purest form, so you can experience its effects to the fullest. Although it’s a thriving business, it isn’t as established as we think. It’s filled with limits, and the companies are often not regulated.

That’s why growing your own cannabis is often the best solution. That way, you can ensure that it’s grown exactly as you want, and it’s now easier than ever to do so from the comfort of your home. You can buy cannabis seeds at Zamnesia if you’re interested in the most -renowned seed banks.

SabaiDee states that there are almost no regulations, no transparency, and sketchy companies out there – which is why we must do proper research before buying from one. 

HIV “Cure”

2019 brought us a fantastic advance in the Med World – a beginning to the cure for HIV.  

This disease is hard to treat and to maintain at a level so people can live while suffering, but some researchers might have the solution on their hands. 

This study involved many people in research trials, both healthy and sick. They accidentally found a gene that might make people immune to getting HIV. Therefore, they obtained and copied that gene into the people who suffer from the disease via stem cell transplants. 

Although the person isn’t cured completely, their viral load is lower than ever seen before. This might be the start of something great. 

Fighting against Ebola

Ebola was another health issue prevalent in Africa. This disease is serious because it’s highly contagious and can be deadly. 

It starts with a headache and fever, and the final stage is systematic hemorrhages. This caused many unfortunate deaths in these countries where Ebola was a public health problem. 

During the worst outbreak, in 2015, a vaccine was created. This helped millions of people fight this disease, which is now barely existent.


These devices are handy for everyone, even governments.

They arrived in this generation to stay and to keep improving with their technology. Drones allow us to see what’s beyond our reach, and are also fun to play with. 

Although, in a more serious conversation, these devices can have other purposes when they’re in the wrong hands. It’s known that they can be programmed to hit targets at a certain distance without you realising.

Virtual Reality

You probably have the latest iPhone and already tried the VR capabilities, but do you know what else this is used for?

Virtual reality can be used as a treatment in a variety of diseases, especially kids suffering from Visual-Spatial Awareness. This condition is about knowing what’s around you, but not being able to recognize anything.

A study conducted with several kids suffering from this condition proved that virtual reality increased their capability to recognize the building they were in, the exits, the emergency doors, fire extinguishers, and much more.  

These amazing results can be seen in many fields too, so this technology is just getting started in the matter of reaching its fullest potential. 

Final Thoughts 

We had many significant advances this past decade. We cured diseases, invented new pieces of technology, and there was the legalization of cannabis in many parts of the world. 

It’s essential that we keep to this rhythm and start developing in this new decade!