CBD Oil Effects and Benefits

Today we are telling you more about attractive benefits and areas of application of CBD oil that could help you in your everyday life.

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Rest, calm and develop your inner peace with some great benefits of CBD oil, that’s why it should be part of your daily routine!

Can CBD OIL Reduce Inflammation After Exercise?

Do you love to jog through the park, have you discovered cycling or yoga? You don’t want to give up right now, but your legs are sore from the day before.

For those who want to lead a balanced, energetic life, physical fitness is, of course, paramount.

Pain is a regular aspect of the recovery process but moving your tired muscles can be exhausting.

CBD oil can work wonders here because it helps with training-related inflammation. In our activities, we make tiny cuts in the tissue of our muscles.

It sounds a bit more disgusting than it is. It’s not dangerous – but neither is it pleasant. After an intense and strenuous workout, CBD oil can speed up the reactivation process, help you achieve your fitness goals, and regenerate sore muscles faster.

If you are an athlete, even a competitive athlete, and want to do without THC completely, there is also a THC-free Sport CBD oil online.

Can CBD oil help my pet stay healthy longer?

CBD is not only suitable for use in humans. It can also be used for pets (I gave my dog ​​CBD OIL, and her life has completely changed. From sleepless nights and apathetic walks without running, a satisfied, more balanced dog that sleeps through the night and goes for a happy walk again became after a few weeks.)

CBD oil can be used in dogs, for example, for chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety, joint pain and unwillingness to eat.

But it is also suitable, for example, for dogs that have lost their zest for life. Unfortunately, it is not so rare with some animals in the animal shelter that have been mistreated for years.

Ageing is often difficult to tell in your pet, but your loved one has more reserves with CBD oil. It stabilizes the health of the animals’ hips and joints. With a bit of CBD oil, you support its health and mobility.

Does CBD have any side effects?

After so many positive traits, you are probably thinking to yourself now – what’s the catch? Does CBD have no side effects at all? The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report on CBD in 20189, concluding that: “CBD is generally well tolerated and has a good safety profile.”

Still, the short answer to this question is – yes. Sure, it turns out time and again that CBD is a safe product, but no dietary supplement can do without some minor and occasional side effects.

However, the side effects of CBD are usually very weak. The problems with CBD side effects are most familiar with high doses of CBD oil, when combining some drugs and medicines with CBD, or when using CBD while having some other health problems.

There are five primary side effects that you may experience with CBD oil:

  • low blood pressure,
  • dry mouth,
  • diarrhoea,
  • loss of appetite,
  • fatigue.

These undesirable effects are thought to be short-term side effects – that is, they only last as long as the CBD stays in the body. So, these symptoms will go away immediately once the CBD goes away. And most of the time, these side effects are also lighter than the side effects of medication or the pain you have.

In case of any side effects, I would advise reducing the dose at the beginning so that the body can slowly get used to the CBD oil. First, take a 5% oil, then a 10% oil. Do not start with 15 or 20 % immediately.

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