Best Makita Combi Drill

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The wide range of Makita products is well-known among professionals due to the high quality and durability combined with the affordable prices. If you are looking for the best Makita combi drill, visit the online shop of UK Planet Tools. Here you’ll find the greatest options and all the needed information to purchase a Makita cordless combi drill.

UK Planet Tools provides the best Makita combi drill

UK Planet Tools has been successfully working for more than 10 years for those who want to use the service with pleasant prices for high-quality fixings and building tools and supplies.

It began in 2010 as a relatively small business and has been growing since then to the largest retailer in the building sphere. Nowadays the service operates online at and offers the whole range of outstanding products at affordable prices. Every day, thousands of customers get orders all over the UK.

In order to ensure that the service provided to customers is still amazing, UK Planet Tools has been working on:

  • A dedicated team that helps choose the best products and prices and then offers them to the clients.
  • The quality control and wide range of payment options provide the greatest experience for every purchase.
  • Promotions, weekend sales and promo codes from social media. 
  • Smart logistics in order to provide delivery as soon as possible. There are different options for this purpose, including delivery on weekends, so you’ll always get what you wish very quickly.
  • Client service and communication. The online live chat is working and staff of the highest qualification stays in touch to solve all the issues.
  • A community in social media. The promotions and valuable details can be always found on Facebook, TikTok or YouTube.

Improvement and innovations are the main parts of UK Planet Tools daily life. The new website operates amazingly fast and easy with the highest content quality, unique, interactive images and videos of products, etc.

Choose the best Makita combi drill set

If you are looking for a reliable and compact drill, UK Planet Tools provides the best Makita combi drill sale. This tool is highly convenient and allows to access all the tight places easily. Ii provides both high power and effectiveness because of the novel DC motor. 

Moreover, the drill is improved with Makita’s XPT technology in order to protect it from dust and water. Tus, the operation will definitely stay reliable even under bad environmental conditions. XPT looks like a protective seal that is located inside the drill and gives it the highest water and dust resistance. That means that the drill will stay safe no matter what is the weather.

AS additional profits, you’ll find out:

  • The possibility of utilization under harsh environments due to enhanced dust and water protection.
  • The bit installation and removal that is easy and comfortable because of the single sleeve keyless chuck.
  • Modern options for pre-glowing and after-glowing.
  • High productivity and power.
  • The convenient usage for a long time due to its ergonomic design.
  • The wide range of settings.

In a nutshell, that is a must-have drill because of the highest possible reliability and quality.