Automated Picking: The Future is Here

Ask any seasoned logistics expert and they will gladly confirm that picking is an essential step in the order fulfilment process, and with the constant development of technology, picking is heading towards full automation. Of course, it very much depends on the items to be selected, and in some cases, you simply can’t beat the human interaction, especially when dealing with fresh fruit or vegetables, when the person removes inferior produce while sorting into sizes.

Automated Order Picking

While it would be a considerable investment to set up a state-of-the-art automated picking system in your warehouse, the benefits are indeed many. They include the following:

  • High level of productivity – Even during peak times.
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual picking.
  • Easily integrated into existing systems.
  • Easy to maintain.

The automated picking system is designed and built around your warehouse space, and if you’re looking for picking solutions in Thailand, for example, there is a leading supplier who can tailor the system to provide you with super-efficient picking at all times.

Semi-Automated Picking Systems

You can design a picking system that is a blend of automation and human control, which in some situations is preferable to full automation, for several reasons. Modular solutions include the following:

  • Parallel Picking System – Ideal for rapid order processing, this system can be integrated into your usual system.
  • Pick to Bucket System – Perfect for fragile items, picking to bucket systems make things very easy for the operator, as the products are set just below the buckets that pass on a conveyor belt.
  • Scanning & Sorting System– Reading barcodes, this system can really speed up order processing, with the system tailored to fit the items being picked.
  • Order Verification – Obviously, you need to have a quality control system in place, and order verification can easily be automated, with items checked, documented and identified in a single process.

Cameras and Scanners

A series of cameras can capture every view, making sure that labels are read and sorted according to the configuration, and this technology empowers the user to a very high level. This saves both time and money, plus the automated system maintains a very high pace when picking, even during those peak times.

Comprehensive Solutions

The company that supplies automated picking systems would have one goal in mind, which is to make your picking as efficient as possible, and once you have made contact, they would love to pay you a visit and see what you are doing. From initial design to installation and post installation care, the supplier would do whatever necessary to ensure smooth operation and they are always there for support, and with a leading supplier, you can rest assured that the system will greatly improve efficiency, allowing you to process orders in a timely fashion.

If your warehouse is not as efficient as you would like, take a look at the latest generation of automated picking systems and you will be pleasantly surprised at just what can be achieved. Make your order processing more efficient with cost-effective automated systems that can be incorporated into your existing processes.