The VPN Consumer Market – Top Reasons Why People Invest in VPNs

In the past, VPNs were exclusively used by businesses. Today, the market looks a tad different, mainly because of how much the Internet and technology have evolved. From a non-existing market to every other person using some sort of similar solutions, the market has boomed over the past few years. But truth be told, these solutions have gained more traction over the past couple of years when streaming services have made a forceful entrance in the entertainment world. 

By 2024, the industry is expected to reach almost $54 billion. But, let’s see which are the top reasons why people choose to invest in a virtual private network. 

#1. Bypassing political repression

Do you have any idea of how many countries have Facebook access restricted by their governments? Well, about 20, believe it or not. Apart from the already notorious examples, like Russia and China, Facebook use is restricted in Turkey, Syria, Sri Lanka, and many others. 

Residents were not happy about political repression having a word in how they use and enjoy social media. And of course, they have started to search for smart ways to surpass censorship laws and make good use of their social media accounts.

Besides, VPNs have started to become popular in non-dictatorship countries, like the UK. In the Brexit context, better safe than sorry. Oh, and do you remember how angry the Europeans were when the EU’s Article 13 was adopted? Well, all these have contributed to a spike in VPN service use, as the experts at Torguard explain. 

#2. Just for fun

Thanks to VPNs, users can really entertain themselves today. With the help of similar tools, users can gain access to geo-restricted content. Whether you like to Netflix and Chill, listen to some YouTube geo-restricted music or just check what other countries have access to from their Hulu accounts, you can do it. Although these tools were originally created with privacy and data security in mind, according to recent statistics, almost 50% of VPN users do it just for entertainment. And because streaming service providers are likely to restrict access to more of their content in different countries, the number of VPN users will also grow. 

#3. General concerns about privacy and security matters

Facebook uses your private data and you know it. Do you remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal? Well, of course, you do. After that “small” data leak incident, the number of Facebook users has dropped dramatically by 66%. Now, with the huge migration in the online of all organizations, users have started to grow more concerned with how well-protected their private information is.

The future of the VPN industry is bright, to the average Internet user’s luck. Search well and read a ton of reviews before making a decision. Picking the perfect VPN vendor is not a piece of cake, at least if you think of how vulnerable all your data is on the web. Add a ton of new entertainment opportunities to the mix, and you’re all good.