Prepping Your Business for Visitors

From investors to clients to government officials, there are numerous reasons why someone might want to swing by your office to take a look at what you are doing. If you know that you are going to be getting many visitors to your company soon, you need to make sure that your premises are ready to accept them. Here are some of the things you should do when prepping your business for visitors. 

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Printable ID Cards

Having ID cards to give to your visitors is a great move. It will help to easily identify them in a building or company with many faces. If you operate a large site with employees who may not interact often with other teams, there is a chance that they will not know everyone who actually works for the company. Having a system of printable ID cards means that visitors can be identified in an instant so that they will not get caught up in anything that they should not.

Having an ID card printer at reception where visitors sign in means that they will soon be ready to enter your facility properly. Train your reception staff to set up the cards correctly, so visitors will be easily identifiable and will be able to access the areas they need if your business uses controlled entry.

Raise Standards

You may already have high standards around your office on how you expect your premises to look. Often, employers like to take protocols like health and safety standards and introduce their own clauses on top of them to make a safe yet efficient working environment for all.

Now is the time to make sure that these clauses are properly enforced around the business. As an employer or manager, you may want to warn your staff that you will be dropping by randomly to see that standards are being upkept at all times. Accidents can be avoided with the right guidelines in place, and you do not want something bad to happen in front of someone important like an inspector or potential investor.

Prep the Staff

It can be incredibly embarrassing for staff to speak out of turn or accuse a visitor of being in the wrong place. While they may only be thinking about the good of the company, you want to ensure that something they say isn’t what brings the company as a whole down. 

A few memos and potentially a meeting with the staff might be all that is needed. You don’t want to stop them from speaking to visitors as that can look like you are trying to hide something. You just need to make sure that they won’t say anything untoward.

Visitors to your business should always leave feeling wowed and like they have learned something new about you and your company. Whether you are prepping your staff for the visit or making sure that you have the technology in place to keep a visitor’s time with you safe and secure, there are plenty of things you can do.