How to Take Care of Your Cutting Rotors

Every part of a machine is essential to its general performance irrespective of its use. So, proper consideration should be taken when taking care of your machine, either whole or piece by piece. The rotors form the most crucial part of any pelting machine. This is why the importance of maintaining your cutting rotors can not be overemphasised. Some tips for maintaining your cutting rotors are listed below. 

Clean the Rotors Regularly 

Clean equipment works better and lasts longer. For example, taking out time to consistently clean your rotors and blades with a polishing wheel keeps them free from particles and moisture that can potentially damage them.

Some pellets can get stuck in the small gaps of the rotor after grinding. With each use, the possibility of having chipped or broken pieces of the bed knives is high. So, make sure you wash and rinse the cutting rotors thoroughly to avert damages.

Monitor the Performance of Your Rotors 

The only way you can spot a problem in the condition or performance of your cutting rotors right away is if you have familiarized yourself with how it usually performs. It, therefore, means that you need to check the machine thoroughly either after every use or during each use. You may also check when the machine has completed the amount of work you have set as a benchmark.

For example, you can choose to check and service the overall machine after grinding or making pellets of a specified weight. The manufacturers usually stipulate the weight. This will help you to quickly pinpoint the exact time the performance of your cutting rotors begins to diminish.

Sharpen the Rotors Regularly 

Cutting rotors are not self-sharpening, so you must occasionally have them sharpened if you want them to work effectively. Sharpening the rotors not only returns the working condition of your strand pelletizer to its original state but will also help you save money in the long run. You would not have to wait until the rotor and blades stop working completely before forking out the large sum of money required to get a new rotor.

During the periodic sharpening of your rotor blades, special care should be taken to ensure that there are no residues or debris left behind. So, you can enjoy the better productivity of the rotors for much longer. 

Make the Necessary Regular Adjustments 

There is a distance that is to be maintained between the cutting rotor and the blades to ensure optimum productivity. Typically, a smaller gap makes for better performance and vice versa. With repeated use, it is expected that the gap between the bed knives and the cutting rotor increases. So, having the gap reduced will return your rotor to its former glory.

Since this process is rather delicate, you should employ trusted or reliable servicing companies to ensure precision in the adjustment.

In conclusion, regularly servicing and maintaining your cutting rotors will go a long way to ensure that you fully exploit the potentials of your strand pelletizer. However, with neglect comes a decline in productivity, so pay the small price to maintain your rotors regularly and save yourself the higher total replacement cost.