How To Have A DIY Spa Day

A DIY spa day isn’t an impossibility. Many people were stuck at home during the pandemic that they set about doing their own thing for beauty. Cult Beauty mentions the most popular DIY spa terms that people in the UK searched for during COVID-19 lockdowns. A spa day brings with it a lot of benefits, including stress relief and a new lease on life. With life returning to normal, you can go to a regular spa to enjoy their treatments, but it’ll still cost you a lot to do so. DIY spa treatments can be more cost-effective and deliver similar results. With so many options online for creating your own customized spa treatments, it seems like a waste to put time and effort into going somewhere else. Here, we’ll look at options for a DIY spa treatment.

1. Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt baths provide a nice, relaxing soak for everyone. If you’re having joint pain, it can help give you relief. The Arthritis Foundation found that heat therapy (like you get from soaking in a warm Epsom salt bath) can alleviate joint pain significantly. There are many ways to formulate an Epsom salt bath mix that can rival what your local Dermani Medspa offers.

2. Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Getting an excellent hair conditioning treatment that restores moisture and bounces to your locks doesn’t require purchasing anything strange. There are a lot of natural ingredients that can help with hair conditioning. Avocado, mashed up and applied to the roots of your hair, can give it back some shine and luster. The avocado helps to nourish the roots when used this way. Alternatively, you could use a beaten egg to your hair for no more than ten minutes, then rinse it off. The egg is a protein-rich soak that can help to strengthen the roots.

3. Aromatherapy

Setting the ambiance is crucial to a successful spa day. When you take a trip to your local home and gardens tore, you’ll probably find some scented candles. Pick up a few of them in scents that you enjoy to benefit from positive aromatherapy. The Mayo Clinic does note that the benefits of aromatherapy are still questionable, but some evidence suggests it may help with the management of anxiety and stress. If you’re dealing with either of these, you can see if these soothing scents will help you relax.

Doing It Yourself Feels Better

You could go to a spa, but if you’re someone who enjoys the accomplishment of completing something, a DIY spa day may be just what you need to bolster your mood. Aside from the apparent benefits for stress and the added element of relaxation, accomplishing a DIY spa day is unique. Doing it yourself does have a few drawbacks, such as having to perform all the tasks on your own, but it gives you extreme control over what comes into contact with your body. In some ways, that makes a DIY spa experience even better than going to a local business to get your beauty treatments.