How To Fix Jagged Teeth

As a matter of maintaining a pleasant disposition, having an unblemished smile is ideal. However, when it comes to achieving the best smile, jagged teeth are a common issue. Fortunately, there are many choices for repairing jagged teeth. Where teeth whitening Sydney treatments offer a solution to make teeth brighter, the solution to problems with jagged teeth depends on the severity of your particular problem. For example, it could be a simple teeth straightening procedure with braces or clear aligners and the teeth have grown in on angels, making them jagged.

If you have a very small chip or slightly jagged teeth, then recontouring or reshaping might be the solution for you. This involves smoothing out the working edges of your teeth by polishing them. This process actually only takes a few minutes and the results are virtually permanent. A drawback of this procedure is that it actually removes some of the little enamel that protects your teeth. Therefore, it is only recommended for mild cases. It may also make matters worse if you have any tooth sensitivity so keep this in mind if it is the option you are looking for.

If pieces of your tooth are missing, then another process called bonding might be the solution for you. For instance, if a piece if a tooth is too short the process of bonding can actually lengthen it. It is a simple and versatile option that is actually quite affordable. The drawback with this approach is that it cannot take a lot of stress or manipulation so you have to be careful with your chewing and with the texture of the food you eat so that it does not get stuck in the bonding.

If your very frontal teeth have defects, then you can remedy your problem by getting veneers. Veneers are made from impressions of your teeth and then your actual teeth are trimmed to accommodate them. Once this is done, the veneers are then cleaned, roughened, pre-coated and then cemented in place. This procedure is usually irreversible.

Another available option is getting dental crowns. You may not want to do this procedure if it is one of your front teeth but it is useful for any of the others. The existing root structure remains the same and a cap is created and placed over the existing structure of the tooth. 

If you have extreme issues where you need to get rid of your teeth completely, you can actually replace your tooth with a type of prosthetic. This procedure entails getting dental implants surgically fastened to your jawbone and getting artificial teeth mounted on them. While getting this process completed, you will still be able to eat and drink as normal.

If you are trying to decide whether any of these procedures are suitable for you, it is good for you to make an appointment with the best cosmetic dentist you know. Your dental professional will assess your case and advise you. In the meantime, take all the necessary precautions to avoid hard objects like bottle stoppers and wear a mouthguard if you find that you grind your teeth at night. Also ensure that you keep up regular dentist visits at least twice per year.