Does Printed Media Still Have a Place in Business?

The digital explosion continues; there are billions of digital devices and billions of us use them daily in some form or another, and with so many digital screens, is this a sign that traditional printed media is on the way out? The short answer is no. The printing industry is alive and well, although there are changes in the media used, with vinyl, plastic and other composites emerging.

Professional Business Presentation

Even today, there are many scenarios whereby printed media plays an integral part of business, such as:

  • Handouts at presentations
  • Sales proposals
  • Research reports
  • Internal memos
  • Invoices
  • Product manuals

That means you should have state of the art printing facilities to ensure that your printed media is of top-quality. Whenever you need ink cartridges, check out the amazing prices at Toner Bee, who happen to be one of the leading printing accessories supplier, where you can source all your printing requirements in a single shop.

Projecting the Right Image

When you have to send a proposal to a potential client, it is essential that the documents are of top quality, indeed, any external written communication has to be top-notch, which is why you need to invest in a quality printer. Most companies would also have a colour photocopier and a laser printer, which is more economical that inkjet printing, and with all promotional material printed to a very high standard, your image is one of professionalism.

Does printed media have a place in the future of the world of commerce?

Even though we all have a digital device, we are still using paper; some experts say this is the transition period and within a few years, paper will not be used. The Internet of Things is a new digital platform that will be powered by 5G, with 10x the speeds of what we are using today, and with thousands of low-orbit 5G satellites that beam down to the Earth, the entire planet will be connected.


Data transfer has already gone wireless and with super-fast speeds, we can send and receive high-resolution content in seconds, yet there is something tangible with a paper document and it will take a long time for this to be overcome. For this reason, you should invest in a quality printer for your office, or you can take out a contract with a photocopier and printer supplier, who will ensure that you are always up and running.

Name Cards

People are reluctant to lose certain traditions and in the business arena, it is still the done thing to exchange business cards, so do invest in professional cards, as first impressions count. Handing out your card to many could prove to be the catalyst for a large order, plus this helps with networking, and research suggests that people store business cards and do look at them again.

As we can see, printed media is still an integral component in business, and with a quality printer, you can ensure that all of your printed media is professional.