Buying a New Car? Here’s 4 Things to Think About

A new car is a big expense, so you want to be sure you get things right. The last thing you want is to buy a car only to find it’s not practical or it doesn’t have calibre alloy wheels, and it needs an alloy wheel refurbishment, or you don’t enjoy driving it, as you’re then stuck making repayments or trying to sell your old car. Here are the four things all car buyers should think about before they start looking; Insurance is one among them – you should consider what to do after you’ve been in an accident.

  1. Car size

The size of your car is important, as one that’s too small can be cheap to run but impractical, and if it’s too large, then you’re stuck trying to park it and spending loads on car tax and fuel. Be realistic, do you really need a 7-seater? How often will you really tow a trailer or caravan? A car that’s the right size will make life much easier.

  • Car type

In the UK, some of the most popular car types include:

  • Hatchbacks – these are small and sporty and great for single people or couples
  • SUV – great for country roads and active families, SUVs are one of the most popular types of car on the road
  • Crossover – this category is a newer type of car, that’s a cross between an SUV and hatchback, so is a good compromise if you have a small family or want an all-rounder
  • Convertible – less popular due to the British weather, convertibles are great for a second car and weekend drives
  • Coupe – often a 2-seater, these tend to be sporty cars that have lots of power but not much interior space

Choosing the right car type for you can help narrow down the make and model that’s right for you, and means you can find a car that suits your lifestyle.

  • Where to buy

If you’re looking to buy a new car, then visiting a dealership is your best option, as you can see the car in real life, have a test drive and ask lots of question.

Buying private is another option if you’re looking for a used car. However, this can come with downsides. When you buy a car privately, it’s sold as seen, usually without a warranty or guarantee, so if it breaks down, you can be stuck with a big repair bill.

  • Interior features

Nowadays, cars have a number of interior features, and usually the more gadgets you pick, the more expensive the car becomes. Ask yourself, will you really use extras such as an in-car entertainment system, or do you just think they’re fun? If you have a long commute, then you may use these extras a lot, but you could also simply connect your phone to Bluetooth and do many of the same things.

It’s not always easy to choose a new car, so do your research first and decide what you want from your new vehicle.