5 Ways that you Can Reduce your Carbon Footprint

None of us need reminding how important environmental issues are at the moment, indeed, most people have incorporated green practices into their daily routine, in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. If you are looking for ways to become eco-friendlier, here are a few ways that you can help the environment.

  1. Eliminate Single-Use Plastic from your Daily Routine – This might seem like a small thing, but if everyone stopped using plastic bags when grocery shopping, for example, and used eco-friendly shopping bags, this would eliminate tons of plastic. Many governments around the world are legislating the elimination of single-use plastic in the packaging sector, forcing supermarkets to only offer green shopping bags in their stores. Even if this legislation has not reached you yet, you can carry a cloth bag when you go grocery shopping and if we all did this, there would be much less plastic to get rid of.
  2. Cycle to Work – If it is feasible to ride a bike to work, this has many benefits; you are not polluting the atmosphere, plus you will become fitter and healthier, while also saving money. Of course, this might not be practical at some times of the year, but if you can switch to two wheels in the summer, every little helps. The other alternative is public transport, which might run routes to allow you to get to work, and while it is not so convenient, it will make a difference, albeit slightly. Here is a guide to hosting a party in your backyard, which might come in handy during the lockdown.
  3. Green Energy – Most of us are connected to the National Power Grid that uses fossil fuels to generate electricity, but if you live in Australia, for example, it is possible to make the switch to the clean and renewable energy that the Sun provides. The Australia government recognises the important of clean and renewable energy and therefore offers homeowners generous concessions to install a solar power system at home. Investing in an electric car is another way to reduce your use of fossil-fuel based energy and most car manufacturers offer electric and hybrid vehicles that are kinder to the environment. 
  4. Using Recycled Products – The it equipment recycling sector is booming and no matter what you are looking for, the chances are someone has this product that is made using recycled cardboard boxes. An online search will help you find green manufacturers who make products from recycled materials, while more and more companies are going green, thanks to media and government messages.
  5. Consume Less Processed Food – If you make a point of including organic fruit and vegetables in your diet, it will do a lot more than give you better health, as the processes used to make some food products are harmful to the environment, and there are free resources online that will help you to gain a deeper understanding of how processed food is bad for the environment. Click here for UK government advice about healthy eating.

We all have a duty to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and all of the above are ways that you can reduce the negative impact on our planet.