5 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Every single business and organisation can benefit greatly from managed IT services, which includes cloud-based solutions, empowering you and your staff by allowing authorised access from any location. Rather than storing data on your devices, store it on a secure cloud network set up by the managed IT services company, which is protected by cutting edge anti-virus software.

Here are 5 of the advantages you can enjoy with managed IT services.

  1. Cloud Storage – Simply put, cloud storage means all your data is stored on a dedicated server and is available to authorised users using any digital device, from any location. Talk to a leading managed IT service provider like First Solution, who can show you the many benefits of putting all your business data on the cloud.
  2. Cyber-Security – When you engage the services of a managed IT service company, they set up the best cyber-security, which protects your data, with technicians monitoring and updating security patches, as they emerge. In the event there was an attempt to gain unauthorised access, you can trace this and identify the source. This protection would extend to the company website and any social media platforms you use.
  3. Remote IT Management – Thanks to the Internet, a managed IT service provider can remotely manage your network, which leaves you free to focus on your business, while IT experts manage and monitor in the background. Of course, you may wish to manage the network yourself, but the majority of small business owners would rather the experts manage their online data. If you need a few reasons to start your own company, click here.
  4. Business Communication – Using VoIP technology, you can communicate using real-time video and all of your employees can use apps to login to the network. Forget the regular phone lines, Voice over Internet Protocol is here to stay and the costs are low when compared to mobile phone and landline. Salespeople should wear a headset, which allows hands-free use and you can call any number. You could video conference a team who are spread across the country, enabling collaboration and real-time file sharing, all provided by your cloud network. Click here for UK government information for small and medium businesses.
  5. Streamline Business Processes – Cloud solutions really do make things very easy, with specialised software for payroll and workforce management, while your bookkeeping and accounting can be partially automated. There is industry-specific business software for most sectors and whether you are a manufacturer of a contractor, there will be software packages designed with you in mind.

If you would like to learn more about managed IT services, there is a leading UK company that has all the solutions and they can easily be found with an online search. The money you save on business communication is significant, greatly reducing mobile phone calls, preferring instead to use VoIP platforms. The cloud is protected by IT professionals that are always monitoring your network and by making good use of bespoke business software, you can streamline your processes, making your company more efficient.