4 Business Advantages of Using GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

Are you thinking about fitting GPS tracking systems in your business vehicles? Are you not sure whether it is a good or bad idea? While many employees may not like the prospect of being tracked while on duty, as a business owner, you must take steps to protect your product and company. Having GPS vehicle tracking is highly beneficial for a number of reasons.

  1. Exact Location

Nobody likes to continually call their drivers to see if they have arrived at their destination, it can be distracting for both you and members of staff. We all know it is important to contact drivers for changes in deliveries and pickups, but frequently calling them to check their whereabouts can be a nuisance. Installing a GPS Tracker gives you their exact location without having to call them.

Calling more than one driver wastes a lot of time and energy, so why not take advantage of tracking technology, and fit a GPS system? All you have to do is log in online and get an exact location on all your fleet.

  • Quality Customer Service

Instead of giving your clients an approximate time, a GPS tracking system allows you to give an exact point of contact. The main office can clearly see where the vehicle is while on route, making it easier to tell the customer how far away they are.

Clients do not want a guess; they want a precise time. If you have your delivery or service arrival times down to within 5 minutes, your clients will be a lot happier. If they are to make an urgent delivery, they need to know when your driver will arrive.

  • Health & Safety of Drivers

When you fit GPS trackers in all your business fleet, you know exactly where all your field employees are when you look at the system. Aside from improving efficiency, it also helps keep track of your staff.

For example, if they have been sent out in bad weather, it is good to know where they are at all times. A delivery truck could breakdown in a remote area and need assistance, you will be able to tell if something is wrong when the GPS tracker stops moving. If the driver has been stationary for a long period, you can call or send assistance to see if they are in any trouble.

  • Vehicle Recovery

If something unfortunate happens and your vehicle is stolen, you will find it much easier to alert the authorities to its location with a GPS tracker onboard. This ensures your vehicle is recovered quickly reducing damage or vandalism. A quick response increases the likelihood of retrieving it before it can be stripped down.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to install a GPS tracking device in your business fleet. It improves productivity and eliminates the need for constant calls between head office and the drivers. It provides better health and safety for field staff, and it enables you to locate the vehicle in the event of a robbery.