What is Stop Loss in Crypto Trading?

Stop-loss is an important part of every cryptocurrency trader’s strategy. If you don’t know what it is, stop loss is a simple way to minimize your losses in case your trade goes wrong. The basic idea behind using the stop loss feature is that it automatically “sells” or closes your current trade, should market conditions go against you. This not only protects your principal but also ensures that you don’t stay in a trade longer than you had initially planned.

Why Stop Loss is Important in Crypto Trading

Typically, stop-loss helps you minimize your losses by triggering a market order when the price goes below or above the level specified. Stop-loss is an essential component of risk management. It helps cut down trading risks by automatically closing trades that would negatively impact your cryptocurrency portfolio. While there are some people who do not bother with this feature and just rely on their skills to make the right decision, stop-loss is an essential feature for all traders.

How Does Stop-Loss Work?

Every trading platform offers a different way to set your stop-loss limit. Some offer advanced settings while some are very simple. It is important that you read up about the various features which can help you place your stop loss correctly. Typically, you can place a stop-loss order below the support level of an instrument or market, thereby minimizing your losses should the prices start to move against your open position.

How To Find The Right Stop Loss Level?

When starting out, many traders often confuse how far to set their stop-loss for. Some would rather use a very tight stop-loss with no room for error, while others prefer to keep it a bit more loose and flexible until they get more experienced. There’s no single answer that applies in all situations. However, after some time spent trading, you’ll be able to determine what strategy suits you the best.

Think about it this way: If you don’t understand the trade you’re in, you shouldn’t be in it.

What is Trailing Stop Loss?

The trailing stop-loss feature profits from price fluctuations and helps to secure a profit. It does this whereas protecting against losses when trading cryptocurrencies. This is an advanced trader’s tool that can either take advantage of or reduce some of the more complex issues that come with the volatility.

Trading cryptocurrencies with a trailing stop-loss is fairly easy to do, but there’s even an automatic tool for it on most trading platforms. Please visit the BitIQ official site for more information on this. 

Stop losses are designed to be used alongside technical analysis and the trading strategy that you use to make your investments. You can either use a tight stop-loss (meaning that it will get you out of the trade when there’s very little movement in your favor), or a trailing stop loss that changes with the market.

Although this is not something that is required for all traders, using a trailing stop loss is a great way to continually take small profits, while minimizing risk when trading cryptocurrencies.

Wrapping Up

If you’re just starting out in the world of cryptocurrency trading, stop-losses are one of the most important tools in your arsenal. If you’re wondering how to use them properly, remember that not every trade will require the same setting. The shorter the timeframe of your trade, the tighter you should set your stop loss.

However, if you’re trading for medium to long-term profits, it’s best to have a bit more flexibility with your stop losses. This will minimize your losses when something goes wrong and maximize your gains when everything works out as planned.