Cost Effective Global Real-Time Communications to Transform your Business

The world of commerce has changed greatly since the arrival of the Internet, and as organisations spread across the globe, communications can suffer, often costing a fortune in overseas calls. Of course, it is very important to be able to talk to certain people when the need arises, and using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) allows you to do just that, plus it is very affordable.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet protocol is a system that utilises the Internet to send video and audio, which is far cheaper than using traditional telephone networks, and when talking to VoIP solution providers, you can learn about the many attractive features they offer, which include the following:

  • Real Time Video Calls – Conference with many users simultaneously.
  • File Sharing – Share files across the network.
  • Whiteboard Facilities – These enable you to draw diagrams and post data, and all users have access to the board.

The VoIP provider would assign you a dedicated server, and with a high bandwidth, you are assured of crystal-clear reception at all times and can conference with people at any location in the world. There are no by the minute charges with such a service, which makes it very affordable, and if you need to chat for a few hours, that is never an issue.


We all know how difficult it can be to have regular meetings with project team members, especially if they are located in different parts of the world, yet with VoIP video conferencing, you can all interact much like you are in the same room. The success of a project depends on effective real-time communication and with your own dedicated server, you can be sure that you always have great communication with team players.

VoIP Providers

If you would like to talk to an established VoIP provider, simply search online for a local IT specialist, who would offer a wide range of IT services, including VoIP. Some companies are so confident of their products, they will offer you a free, no-obligation trial period, when you can see for yourself how the system works, and with no bulky software to install, your team can access the system using any digital device and an Internet connection. Simply login and from your interface, you can make calls and use other services like file sharing and whiteboard features, empowering you to have real-time communication at a very affordable cost.

Forget Traditional Telephone Providers

Once you are connected to a dedicated VoIP network, you are no longer dependent upon phone companies, who charge you by the minute, and if you are talking to people in other countries, this can be very expensive. Think about how much you are spending per month on telephone calls and you will realise there are big savings to be gained if you make the switch to VoIP solutions, which will revolutionise your business communications.

Voice over Internet protocol is not only very affordable, it offers you face to face real-time video, which means that all your employees are on the same page.