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Obviously the wind was howling. We were having to ditch the kite and carry it back after each go, our arms just couldn't hang on. This was a bit anoying with all the ensueing bridle tangles, but was worth it. Every time I got hold of the handles, wow, I mean, woah. It was lifting 95% of my body weight, the gusts would just float me round.

We all had some big jumps. Some landings.

Craig decided to go big, he flew round a dune out of my sight. Dan was shouting and laughing, by the time I got there he was sliding down the side of a dune over some rocks - check that photo here.

And as you can imagine, big was the order of the day.

So it gets to my go, and I'm all standing freezing my ass off while Dad, Dan and Craig try to sort the strings out. I'm brrr, chilly. Hm, if I'm going big, I may as well go big in my y-fronts. So I strip off and stand round chilling to the bone, watching my hands go purple and stiff.

Then the kites up and I manage to leap up the dunes in one go. Dad takes a photo, loving the y-fronts. I'm saying something like I'm going to have to go, either small or big, cos, you know. The underwear thing is going on.

So I do a small one, then I'm back up in the dunes being pulled round. Dancing the dune dance, tugging the kite as much as it's tugging me.

Then a gust comes and the kites sweet, if a little far back in the window. So I throw it up, run, and jump high.

Then all I remember is going high. Like real high. Looking down thinking, wow this is high. I could see the ripples in the sand so clear. And look, the floor comming up so damn fast. I could feel the kite had gone down the far side of the window, too far. Now I'm going fast.

I landed face and arms first. It felt like I'd broken important bits inside of me.

So acording to the laughing faces I'd bounced off the sand. Nice. I'm glad I entertained you boys :-)

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