Chart Elements - X Axis

I suggest using a little self control ;) just use the X axis auto labels and forget about it. Don't try and make your chart too complex...

Auto X axis labels, let the chart calculate the labels:

  • X Axis auto lables do the best job with minimal coding
  • Look and feel of the axis elements
  • The X axis is offset from either edge by default. You can turn this off.
  • Label text colour, rotation and size. Style it the way you want.
  • Only show some of the labels and/or grid lines, label step.
Use UNIX (and PHP) date time objects for date/time data: Pass in the labels for more control: Take complete and total control over every single label:

Documentation: x_axis, x_axis_labels

Don't forget that you can use your X axis label in the tooltip string by using the magic variable #x_label# (see tooltip magic variables).

Thanks to dz_ (David Zoller) for all his patches that made the X axis work like a dream.

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